Neturei Karta Attack Chabad Rabbi; Wife Hospitalized

From Arutz Sheva:

Vandals attacked the home of the Chief Rabbi of Kiryat Gat, Rabbi Moshe Havlin, Wednesday night, resulting in the hospitalization of Rabbi Havlin’s wife.

The attackers are believed to be affiliated with the radical haredi anti-Zionist Neturei Karta movement.

Rabbi Havlin, a member of the Chabad Hasidic community, was targeted by the vandals because of his support for a recently negotiated agreement between Chabad yeshivas and the IDF.

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  • 1. sww wrote:

    it sounds even too gentle, but really, why are these people serious about keeping shabbos and wearing frum garments when they are doing other issurim. psychopaths, really, just sick.

  • 2. Happens here too wrote:

    Same goes to the psychos who beat each other up over machlokis in Crown Heights.

  • 3. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    Oh Messiah where art though??? No where is the response
    Why is that?? It is because of Neturei Karta!! It is fellow Jews they consistently attack–even though a lot of us disagree with occurences in Israel nevertheless they are our bretherin and they do bled blood; is that not enough to ceAse and dissest?–so much for Ahavas Israel; rather Sinchos Hinom rules

  • 4. Avraham Shimon wrote:

    These are serious “Low Life Losers,” the Scum, Trash, Crap, Garbage, Excrement of the earth, they should pay for everything they damaged & the hospital bill that they caused Rebitzen Havlin, there is No Excuse for this behavior, I don’t give a Darn how much u disagree with him, this is despicable, low & nasty, these are the Losers that march with the Arabs saying “Free Free Palestine” They are Trash, Crap that’s all they are, they need to do a couple months in prison with the rapists & murderers, then they will learn that this “Garbage” will Not be tolerated, what so ever !! Grow up & Get a Life, these Loses have too much free time on their hands !!

  • 5. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    #4) by responding the way you did, you have promoted the opposite of Ahavas Israel; Granted they are to be denounced in no uncertain terms, but your selection of verbage needs improvement

  • 6. to # 5 wrote:

    I agree with u about the Ahavas Yisroel thing, but in the case bec we are dealing with “Trash, Grabage, Low Life, Moron Losers” there is no other way to speak about these ppl, my question to u is how can they even be Jewish especially with what they did, how about explain that, but in this case they have to be exposed for who they really are, & that’s all they we really can say, “They are Trash Grabage” until they do Tshuva, this is how we have to deal with them, do u realize they barged into Rav Havlin’s House, destroyed furniture & caused Rebitzen Havlin “to go to the Hospital” if she had to go to the hospital, it shows how severe the issue was, so no I’m not gona take it easy with these “Low Lives” sorry too bad, they are what they are, & Thank u CH info for exposing these Scum bag Trash bags. So comment #5 please figure out who we are speaking about then u probably wouldn’t have said the things u said, yes they are yidden but they are disturbed individuals that need serious help or they know exactly what they are doing & don’t give a darn in the latter case then yes they deserve the titles that comment #4 said, they should sit in prison with Rapists & Murderers for 9 months straight & that will be the only way they will learn, They must do Tshuva we are in the month of Elul before R”H & Y”K, Thank u

  • 7. Eli wrote:

    Why doesn’t Israel expel neturei Karta just as other countries expel terrorists and hatred inciters?


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