Letter: My Unsung Heroes

by Chaim Hershkowitz

B”H, the reaction from people to the new DVD, “The Rebbe’s Nigunim”, has been unbelievable.  Every day, friends and strangers approach me to say, “Thank you!” or “My kids are singing nigunim all day!”  Others are even more direct, “We need more!” and “When is the next one coming out?”

While it is gratifying to see people so touched by “The Rebbe’s Nigunim,” it got me thinking about some of “the unsung heroes” who contributed to the success of this project.  For that reason, I’d like to take a moment to publicly thank three individuals who share much of the credit.

For years, Avi Richler has been my sounding board for new ideas.  It’s easy to get pigeon-holed, especially after producing eight DVDs B”H. Avi helps keep things fresh by always is pushing to think different and bigger.

Sruly Meyer is another friend who is sits behind the scenes.  He makes it his job to let others shine and reach their full potential. More than that, he is always in tuned with the content changing world around us and always is ready to help in any way. Thank you Sruly for your clear vision and consistently great advice.

I would also really like to thank Bentzi Avtzon & Yuvla Media. Two years ago, Bentzi produced  a Film + Music Production titled “The Rebbe’s Niggunim: Songs of the Inspired Soul”  which served as the inspiration, and my adaptation of his film. In fact, many of the ideas behind this effort evolved from his incredible and original vision.

While I am thanking people, I must again express my gratitude to Dovid and Malkie Smetana who have enabled me to continue these projects. It’s only through their support that new titles keep appearing of the shelves. At the same time, I wish to express my appreciation to Eliezer and Luba Kornhauser for their encouragement and their willingness to jump on board with this project.

All the credit I get for inspiring kids to learn brochos, love Shabbos, and sing the Rebbe’s nigunim, I share with them.

May we be zoche to give the Rebbe nachas ruach and to merit the revelation of Moshiach, immediately!


  • These videos mean the world to me

    For someone who lives out of town and doesn’t get much frum exposure unless flying in to NY for a simcha, I often feel my kids are missing out, since they don’t have many role models and examples of frum families locally.
    This helps keep them connected. We look forward to many more projects.