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Woman and Child Crushed by Heavy Equipment

A horrifying and tragic accident occurred in central Israel this morning; a woman and a young girl were crushed by a piece of heavy construction equipment that fell off of a flatbed truck, killing the woman and critically injuring the child. The woman was identified as Mrs. Chana Geula Dweck, OBM, sister of beloved Crown Heights caterer Reb Dovid Malka, OBM.

According to updated reports, the woman and the young girl are not related.

From Yeshiva World News:

Two pedestrians, a woman and a young girl, were crushed when a heavy piece of construction equipment fell off a flatbed truck near the entrance to Hashmonaim on Route 446, which is not far from Modi’in Illit. It is reported the victims are chareidim.

B’chasdei Hashem rescuers managed to extricate the child who was in traumatic cardiac arrest and remains in critical condition. The woman, described as about 40, was pronounced dead in the hospital despite all life-saving efforts.

The initial probe points to driver recklessness as it appears he was travelling too fast, causing the tractor to flip over onto its side, crushing the victims.

UPDATED: The woman killed in the tragic accident has been identified as Mrs. Chana Geula Dweck z”l, in her 60s, from Modi’in Illit. Mrs. Dweck is the mother of singer/piton Moshe Dweck.

The 5-year-old chareidi child injured remains in critical condition.

The tzibur is asked to be mispallel for Hadas bas Avishag (הדס בת אבישג) bsoch cholei am yisrael.

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