Photo: Shlomo Levi

Lubavitcher Rebbe Street Sign Vandalized

A shocking and shameful incident has shaken up the Chabad community in Be’er Sheva, Israel: A sign bearing the name of a street named after the Lubavitcher Rebbe, OBM, was vandalized by unknown perpetrators.

The vandals painted over a portion of the sign that bears the dates of the Rebbe’s birth and passing – 11 Nissan 1902-3 Tammuz 1994 – leading many to conclude that this shameful act was perpetrated by radical ‘Mashichistim,’ commonly known as ‘Tzfatim,’ who take offense at any mention of the Rebbe’s passing.

This is the second time such an incident occurred. Almost exactly one year ago, the sign was vandalized in a similar fashion, but had since been repaired by the municipality.



  • Who did it??

    I have no doubt the one who did it has family among

    the ISIS tribe.

    • Pedant

      Do you have sechel?

      Are you not capable of distinguishing between creatures that sever heads and burn people alive and eat their blood and our own extremists who blackout parts of signs they don’t like.

      Maybe, you don’t have a large vocabulary, in which case, I will suggest you get hold of thesaurus — you can google for what that is — and look up words you already know that describe how you feel, words, like, say, ‘terrible’ or ‘disgusted’ and note the similar words that the book situates with the those terms. You can even look those terms up in a dictionary until you find a few go to words that you can use to express your feeling when something you see makes you very very mad and angry and feel bad.

      The meshichistim aren’t isis (y’s), and your landlord isn’t hitler (y’s), even if he wont fix the leak.

  • pretty obvious by whom....

    by the fact that ONLY part of it (the one saying zatza”l etc) was erased – u can conclude beyond reasonable doubt whis behind it

    SHAME !!!!! and chilul of the rebbes name and chabad and hashem!!!!!!!


  • To Be Expected

    Not sure why the shock. Crazies have been doing these kind of things for 22 years.

  • Next Generation

    A much greater problem is that the Yechi signs in 770 and in other Lubavitcher facilities have been allowed to stay up all these years — 22 full years now — since the Rebbe zt”l was niftar. Enough already. All of these Yechi signs must be removed!


      Be careful for what you wish for because a few months later 770 will have that bar entry what you need to pay to get in like what they have at mikva meir.

      10 measures of the next generation of Chabad Eretz Hakoidesh and not one measure of chabad inc.

  • it depends

    if what was written was maham shlita better this way than the chilul lubavitch caused by that.

    if what was written was zatzal etc. it goes to show the ruthlessness and utter lack of respect the meshichist/tzfati groups in israel have for the rebbe or what the rebbe taught us.

  • The bottom line is ....

    Get a life . The sign wasn’t vandalized. Some inappropriate comments were removed.

  • Yitzchak Mordechai

    It’s over 3 1/2 hrs from Tzfat to Beersheva, are they that bord that they have nothing to do but to travel 3 1/2 if not more, maybe close to 4 hrs & just come to vandalize a sign that says zya or whatever, they got the gas $$ & the time to do that, they got way too much time on their hands & are seriously bord ppl. It’s time “To Get A Life” !!!!

  • to 6

    Wake up and get a life. You are the one who judges that “Some inappropriate comments were removed” ?!.

    But the Rebbe did use these expressions on the Previous Rebbe !

  • The bottom line is ....

    Notwithstanding what # 8 writes “Melech Hamoshiach Chai Vekayom L’olom Voed”.

    Also # 7 we don’t have to travel from Tsfas to Beer Sheva We have Shluchim in the Entire world.!!!

  • Yakov Lo Mes

    To Milhouse;

    Vandalism is defined as destruction of property. By removing the derogatory comments the sign was in fact improved.

    • Milhouse

      Maybe someone should come to your house and “improve” it in the same way.

  • Snagged Them

    When the residents of the newly built Ramat Shlomo neighborhood in Jerusalem came to the Rav and asked that the main street be named after the Rebbe, the Rav, who to put it mildly was not exactly a flaming Chabadnik said that he has no problem with that, but there is only one thing, the custom is to only name streets after people no longer living in this world. The street is called HaAdmur MiLubavitch to this day so I guess they signed on the dotted line…