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Rabbis to Netanyahu: Declare State of Emergency

Following a special meeting of The Administrative Committee of the Rabbinical Congress for Peace, the rabbis issued a call to the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government to declare a state of emergency.

The following is from a statement released by RCP:

There are times when a nation is confronted with war and terrorist insurgence that threaten the security and lives of its citizens. In such cases, international law acknowledges the curtailment of certain basic rights as a proactive response.

The Rabbis lamented the fact that that past year has been one of in which innocent Israeli’s have been stabbed, shot and killed by their enemies, with little or no effective response from the Israeli government.

According to Jewish Law (Orach Chaim 329) (as well as international law) the sanctity of life takes precedence over all else, to the extent that one is not only permitted but is obligated to desecrate the Sabbath and pick up arms to repel the enemy from entering your town.

Therefore, the Rabbis called on the Israeli government to

  • The imposition of a complete three-month closure on all towns and villages from where terrorists came to kill Jews, as well as other economic sanctions.
  • Since the Israeli media justifies and backs (overtly or by insinuation) terrorist activity, making it the equivalent of a “fifth column” in Israel that encourages our enemies, the government should therefore temporarily impose a complete censorship on radio and TV for the period of several months. There is no doubt that without the support of the Israeli leftist-controlled media, terrorist activity would substantially decrease.

The Rabbis reiterated their call to the government to unequivocally declare the annulment of the Oslo agreements, a copy of which should be publicly torn up in the Knesset. The government should also allow unlimited construction in all parts of Israel. Hesitating on these obvious measures is tantamount to the encouragement of terrorism by the government itself.

The Rabbis are crying out and beseeching the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, government ministers and members of the Knesset to recognize that this is “a time of trouble for Yaakov!” The Torah’s prediction of the grievous consequences of transferring Israeli territory to its enemies is being actualized before our very eyes.

Come to your senses and heed the instruction of the Torah, and stop the further shedding of innocent blood, which continues unabated.

It is only by following the Torah – the Torah of Life – that the wave of terror can be stopped, and the Jewish people can experience true peace and tranquility in their land. You can prove this for yourself by heeding its words!


  • 1. Proud Mother of a former soldier wrote:

    Are these the same Rabbis who don’t want to draft yeshiva students but are ok with our boys defending eretz Yisroel?
    These men can work in hospitals, IDF offices or something. Let them do their share to protect their country.

  • 3. Anonymous wrote:

    These so-called Arab towns (or “Palestinian”) are Jewish towns. They are on Jewish property. Eretz Yistoel belongs to the Jewish people. Instead of destroying terrorist families homes and closing off the area, send 100 of their families to Jordan or Saudi Arabia and move in 100 Israeli families and the Israeli military.


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