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Berlin Shliach: We Must Help Save the EU

Rabbi Yehudah Teichtal, Chabad Shliach to Berlin and the Rabbi of the Jewish community in the German capital, was welcomed Yesterday (Tuesday) by Thomas Oppermann, parliamentary head of the German ‘Social Democratic Party’ (SDP), the second largest party in Germany, for an official meeting in his offices at the Bundestag.

The two discussed the future of Europe and its Jewish communities, in light of the British referendum. Rabbi Teichtal told Oppermann that in his conversations with European rabbis and Jewish leaders he encourages them to take action and prevent any further breaking in the EU. “I call upon the leaders of all Jewish communities around Europe to do whatever they can and execute all of their influence, in order to prevent any other countries from leaving the EU.”

During the meeting, Oppermann expressed his worries about the continent’s political future. “The EU means that people can move from one country to another and can settle down. If anyone believes that they should go back to their own nation and try to live for themselves, it is not the right way”. Oppermann later added that “We have to cooperate, we have to work together and we have to keep this European Union. We don’t want more ‘Brexit’s or “exits” so that the people of Europe will get the feeling that we have to defend our values, our democracy, our freedom and our welfare.”

Later, Oppermann spoke of the importance of the relations between the Jewish communities and the EU. “It is also important to keep the EU in good constitution because it enables us to have Jewish life in every European country, that can develop from one country to another. Jewish life is a great enrichment to have in Europe, in Israel and all around the world”.

“The establishment of the EU and the multi-cultural approach it symbolizes, contributes to the welfare of Europe’s Jewish communities”, said Rabbi Teichtal at the meeting, adding that “Therefore, the possibility of dismantling the EU and reverting back to nation states should worry all Jewish people around Europe… A strong European union is a paramount interest to the Jewish people of Europe in general and to Jewish people of Germany in particular.”

The two also discussed the rising worries amongst Berlin’s Jewish community in the wake of the ‘Brexit’. “The Jewish community of Berlin views Britain’s decision to leave the EU with great concern”, Said Rabbi Teichtal. “It is a worrisome sign to the strengthening of nationalism and of Extreme right-wing parties and movements. The Jewish community in Berlin joins a great number of Jewish community leaders from all over Europe, who expressed their sorrow over the UK’s decision.”

At the end of the meeting, Rabbi Teichtal thanked MP Oppermann for his support for the Jewish life. “I want to thank you for all you support of the Jewish life… I recognize your achievements, your dedication, and your care and I want to thank you in the name of the community here. I wish that god will give you great success in all your important work.”

Earlier that day, speaking at the Bundestag, Oppermann turned to Chancellor Angella Merkel and urged her to carry the negotiations “as quickly as possible, in order to provide clarity. ‘Years of stalemate’ will not serve Europe’s interests”, argued Oppermann. “We want fair negotiations and to continue deep and friendly relations with the United Kingdom. But there must be no rewards for nationalism and European hostility. If the message is at the end, that one can get rid of the liabilities, without losing the benefits, then there will soon be referendums everywhere”, the SPD politician said.


  • 1. Kol hakovod wrote:

    Rabbi Tiechtels expressed himself very eloquently
    There is no doubt that a return to nationalism will not bode well for the Jews

  • 2. Ignatz wrote:

    Oh really? since when does Chabad get involved in politics? Did this shliach consult with anyone before issuing this statement? Just not smart. The only thing that will come out of his putting his nose where it doesn’t belong is more Judenhaas. As if there wasn’t enough of it already in Europe. The European savage is the worst beast that ever walked the planet earth. Did you see how they applauded Abaas when he claimed that Rabbis in Yehuda and Shomron have called on Jews to poison the wells of Arab villages?

  • 3. Anonymous wrote:

    its famous that based on the rebbes directives shluchim should stay out of politics

  • 4. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    Tell the Rabbi, just mind your congregation:

    The real Eu died when the leadership became enamered with structural issues instead of building, when it became the money source for countries like Greece who refused to save themselves but just ask for handouts, when it allowed millions of undocumented immigrants into the region(Paris and Brussels) when their economic policies started to hurt some member states for the benefit of others. And, the EU refused to evolve into a modern institution. The vote in England was designed to send a message of displeasure–it did.

  • 5. A proud brexiter wrote:

    The beginning of the end of this klipa and the free passage for terror across the continent

  • 6. Why do we want corrupt politicians running our lives wrote:

    So stupid: Why would we want corrupt, unaccountable politicians, who don’t live in our countries, running and regulating our lives? Socialism and fascism are so closely related, it’s a shame a shaliach got suckered into this.

  • 8. Teichtal the politician wrote:

    This is what happens when a “rabbi” doesn’t read and internalize Pirkei Avot. He is nothing but a shrill for people in powerful positions who do not have the genuine interest in heart for the Jewish people of Europe or Israel.

    • 9. CR wrote:

      Indeed. Let his only concern be that the presiding officials, regardless of their party affiliations, take the safety, security and well-being of their Jewish communities seriously. And that can be accomplished in or out of the EU, with the “social”, “christian”, “national”, etc. parties in power, etc.

      Good politics is about getting the “right” people elected. Good government is about the wrong people doing the right things.

  • 10. Rabbi wrote:

    Rabbi should not mix with politics. Concentrate on your shaluchis instead.

  • 11. let's be careful not harmful wrote:

    United we [Bnej Israel] stand. Europe can decide for themselves.


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