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Students Rewarded for Learning Tanya by Heart

As part of the Bat Sheva Tanya Baal Peh campaign, a large group of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva students were rewarded for learning whole perokim as well as lines of Tanya by heart.

For a number of years, Rabbi Mordechai and Mrs. Shterney Kanelsky of the Bris Avrohom Center in Hillside, New Jersey, have been encouraging extra learning and Mitzvas to be done in honor of their infant daughter, Bas Sheva, OBM, who passed away in 2003.

One of the projects is to have the Talmidim of the Yeshivos study Tanya Ba’al Peh.

Once again this year, the Kanelskys came to ULY-Crown St., to award all those who participated in this wonderful Mivtza with certificates, monetary rewards and Seforim.

Rabbi Simpson, Principal of the Yeshiva, who tests all the boys personally and keeps on encouraging the students, addressed the audience with warm words. The boys listened attentively as Rabbi Simpson explained the importance and the impact the holy words of Torah have.

Rabbi Kanelsky, who came with his wife from NJ, also addressed the crowd. He thanked the teachers and especially Rabbi Simpson for being the ones behind this special campaign.

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  • 1. Yitzchak Mordechai wrote:

    I don’t get it, what is the point of knowing Chassidus & Gemara bal peah, the inyan is to learn it & understand it, what’s the point if u don’t understand what it means, it’s like knowing a Tosfos by heart but u don’t know anything what Tosfos is saying, the inyan of Lemud HaTorah is 2 understand not just say words u don’t know what ur saying. Better 2 learn & understand than 2 know 500 lines of Gemara but not know what it means.

  • 2. Yid wrote:

    Mishnsyos Baal Peh is the only solution to the academic tumaa we have brought upon our selves. Enough with the “methods” poisoning our young neshames.

  • 3. To # 2 wrote:

    Could you please explain what this “academic tumaa” is please, what are you talking about or referring please explain, what did we do to poisen our young Neshamas, if you could explain that would be great, however learning Mishnaiyos & Gemara inside & understanding is the way to learn, an Am H’Aretz could also learn Mishnaiyos lines by heart but again he doesn’t understand what he’s saying, so I ask u again what is the inyan of knowing lines of Mishnaiyos & Gemara by heart if u don’t know what ur saying, Bal Peah won’t make u a Talmid Chacham or a Lamdan, its the learning that that’s how u become a Lamdan BaTorah, so a boy could know 2000 lines of Gemara Bal Peah but the Boy who actually learnt it & understands it, stands @ a much higher level bec he understands & knows the inyan not 2 rattle it off & nor know what ur saying, so plz explain what the point of Mishnaiyos, Gemara & Chassidus Bal Peah is for. Thank u

  • 4. Nishamah'leh wrote:

    The point is not to understand but to apply.
    To deliver, Ma’aseh Bipoel.


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