Visit Continues Reconciliation of Chabad and Belz

In a sign that past tensions between Chabad and Belz in Eretz Yisroel continue to thaw, Rabbi Aharon Mordechai Rokeach, the son of the Belzer Rebbe Shlita, paid a visit to the home of Rabbi Moshe Havlin, Rov of the Lubavitch community in Kiryat Gat and head of the local Yeshiva.

The visit lasted for about half an hour, during which the two Torah luminaries discussed many concepts in Niglah and Chassidus.

Rabbi Havlin as well attended a recent event at the Belz Shul in Kiryat Gat, which is home to large communities of both Chabad and Belzer Chassidim.

This meeting follows the historic visit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Chozer, Reb Yoel Kahan, to the Belzer Rebbe in Jerusalem last November.

Photos by David Zehavi

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  • 1. is he the one born with the Rebbes bracha? wrote:

    Is Rabbi Aharon Mordechai Rokeach,
    the one born with The Rebbes bracha?

  • 2. Moshe Eliyahu wrote:

    I never knew that Lubavitch & Belz had issues with each other, does anyone know what they were & how long ago did this happen ? If u know plz share in the comments, I know Lubavitch & Satmar didn’t get along, but what’s the story with Lubavitch & Belz ?

    • 3. Milhouse wrote:

      In 1988 when Degel broke away from the Agudah because they objected to Hamodia publishing the Rebbe’s sichos (even as paid advertising!), they had a large rally at Binyanei Ha’umah at which speaker after speaker openly slandered and cursed the Rebbe, while the Belzer and his rabbonim and dayonim sat there listening and did not protest in any way.

      After that the Lubavitcher Rabbonim of Eretz Yisroel paskened that since these so-called rabbonim had sanctioned these terrible words with their presence they were pesulim le’eidus, and therefore their hechsher was worthless.

      I have not heard that the Belzer has come to the Ohel, or sent representatives, to ask mechila.

  • 4. No wrote:

    No reconciliation. There was never any issue in the first place!

    Even this visit has nothing to do with Lubavitch. Rav Havlin is the Rav of the City of Kiryat Gat and the Belzer Rebbe’s son came to pay a visit to the Rav (nothing to do with Lubavitch).

    Funny how news is created from nothing!!

  • 5. Dave wrote:

    Rabbi havlin is the rov of kiryat gat, not just the chabad community


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