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Bochurim Unite Across the World for Shabbos Achdus

In several hours, some 1,200 Bochurim will gather in six different locations around the world, for a global Shabbos Hachana to Gimmel Tammuz – arranged by the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim. An additional five locations – including the annual National Shabbaton in Israel, which hosts 1,600 – are in the works, to take place in the upcoming weeks.

The largest Shabbos is taking place at the Yeshiva in Morristown, which will be hosting 400 Bochurim from the Yeshivos in Baltimore, New Haven, Westchester, Chovevai Torah, 770 and some 90 Bochurim from Oholei Torah – and of course Tomchei Tmimim & Tiferes Bochurim in Morristown. Rabbi Yaacov Moshe Wolberg is joining from Manchester, as well as the respective Hanholos from all those yeshivos.

Additional Shabbatons are taking place in Yeshivos in Miami, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Montreal and Westchester, with plans in more locations throughout the world.

This Shabbos is also 30 years from the Rebbe’s call to make Kinusei Achdus on the Shabbos leading up to Shavuos, making these events all the more meaningful.

The Bochurim will spend the entire Shabbos learning, Davening and Farbrenging together, in an extraordinary warm Chassidishe atmosphere of Ahavas Rayim. Divrei His’oirirus and Farbrengens with guest mashpi’im – will guide them in their quest for a real Hiskashrus leading up to Gimmel Tammuz.

Rabbi Moshe Herson. Dean of the Rabbinical College of America says “There is no doubt that this is giving the Rebbe tremendous Nachas Ruach. Bochurim gathering from 7 different Mosdos in one location, in a spirit of Ahavas Yisroel on the week before Shavuos, and in preparation for Gimmel Tammuz, is most beautiful and uplifting. Bez”H we will continue to grow, and give the Rebbe Nachas.”

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  • 2. me wrote:

    A naye Yom tov created….how about do such things 30 days before shvat, yud Aleph Nissan….sad how antis making Gimmel tammuz into this huge deal with ohel stuff etc….celebrate life and chayus and geulah instead of whatever they’re celebrating…
    Gimmel tammuz is beginning of geulah …read the Rebbe’s sichos about that day. You’ll get chayus to bring Moshiach instead of crying and getting depressed

  • 5. It will be true achdus... wrote:

    …when it’s not just a gathering of one political camp or the other.

    R”L, this is a gathering of just one political camp. Somehow I don’t know whether this would really meet what the Rebbe is talking about in the sichah.

    And I feel this way, regardless of which “camp” it is that is making its own hakhel gathering.

    We already have “achdus” of each side’s own “adherents” via schools, camps, chosen tzedakah recipients to rally around (even which charity gets to benefit from “your” chicken at kapporos!), shuls, etc.

    But for one side or the other to have its own “achdus” gathering without inviting everyone — regardless of politics — well, that’s not exactly what feels like achdus to me. It’s just self-congratulatory.

    And this is true, again, without regard to which “side” is making its own supposed-“achdus” gathering.

    Who will be the first to blink?


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