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Miami’s Lubavitch Educational Center in Lockdown

Lubavitch Educational Center, South Florida’s flagship Chabad school, is currently in precautionary lockdown as police pursue armed gunmen after a dramatic car chase ended in the vicinity.

Several armed suspects were fleeing police in a vehicle, which came to an abrupt stop across the street from the school. The suspects then fled on foot.

Most of the suspects were subsequently caught and arrested by police, but at least one is believed to have sought refuge in a nearby housing complex and is being hunted by police.

In an abundance of caution, the school’s security personnel have put the building into lockdown until all the suspects are confirmed to have been apprehended. Until then, no one will be allowed in or out of the building.

Please note that this lockdown is strictly precautionary. The school is not under any particular threat, and all the children are safe.

The school’s administration sent the following notice to all the students’ parents:

Parent Advisory

We wish to advise all parents that the Lubavitch Educational Center facility is presently on lock-down.  It has been reported that there are a few armed men in the neighborhood most of whom have already been apprehended by the police.  Miami Gardens police department is on site along with LEC security and are in full control of the situation. We will continue to keep parents updated.


  • 5. Incredible stuff! wrote:

    AMAZING SECURITY! LEC has one of the most gevaldik and organized security teams I’ve ever seen. And I should know!


  • 6. A very relieved parent of LEC students. wrote:

    Soooo happy to hear BH everyone is OK.

    But why must we live our lifes in fear? AD MOSAI! AD MOTAI! AD MOTHAI!

  • 8. LEC Parent wrote:

    To tell you how amazing the security team is, my kids didnt even KNOW the school was on lockdown. I got an email, but I did not see it until about 6 PM. When my kids came home they didnt say anything about the situation. And the kids really love the security team and have a respect for them. So thank you so much, you men are amazing!!!

  • 9. Korf Fan wrote:

    Kudos to the LEC Security team. Led by a very experienced Head of Security who has been responsible for protecting numerous high level sites and VIPs. LEC has seriously upgraded their security. Just another example of why LEC is one of the leading schools in the US and Benjy Korf is such a success. Only the highest caliber staff and department heads for LEC. Others in the US could look to LEC for security standards.


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