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Boys Launch ‘Learn-a-thon’ to Fund Graduation Trip

As the school year enters its final phase, eighth graders everywhere are making preparations for the traditional year-end graduation trip. In Miami, the students of Lubavitch Educational Center’s Klurman Mesivta have come up with an innovative way to raise the necessary funds for the trip – a ‘learn-a-thon.’

A graduation trip is a time when the graduating boys can spend a day or two enjoying each other’s company. Often, it is the last time they will get to spend quality time with the classmates they grew up with, as many will go off to yeshivas and Mesivtas all over the world.

The 8th grade in Klurman Mesivta of Miami came up with a novel way to raise funds: they are running a learn-a-thon in honor of the Rebbe’s 114th Birthday.

Each boy took upon himself to study for 115 minutes in their own free time during Pesach vacation, until 11 Nissan, in honor of the Rebbe’s birthday.

In the style of Yisaschar-Zevulun, the boys are making the opportunity available to anyone to be a partner in the Zechus of learning Torah.

One unit of a part of the Zechus can be had at the rate of $1 per minute. Many people are paying for the Zechus of the Torah Study LEzchus or Le’iloy Nishmas family members.

The class goal is to study over 2,000 minutes. With just over a week to go, many boys have already surpassed their goal, and are finding partners for their 2nd or 3rd round of 115 minutes. They will be spending many hours of their Pesach vacation learning Torah – something which the Rebbe said many times, is his best birthday gift!

Their teacher, Rabbi Velvel Lipsker, is preparing a special learning booklet, complete with review questions, so the boys will be sure to be spending the time in serious Torah Study.

Says Rabbi Lipsker: “I am very proud that my students are looking for a way to increase their Ruchniyus, whilst trying to enhance the time they will be spending on their trip with Ahvas Ysiroel.”

“It is every teacher’s dream to find a way to inspire the boys to continue their Torah learning during the Bein Hazmanim breaks, and here the boys came up with an idea to do so on their own!”

Anyone who would like to have the opportunity to be a partner in this Torah Study can contact Rabbi Lipsker at, or they can send their contributions to via Paypal. The Torah study can be done Lezchus or Le’iluy Nishmas a loved one.


  • 1. anonymous wrote:

    wow that is great they are going to learn on vacation everyone should donate especially because its for the Rebbe’s birthday

  • 2. Great new talent wrote:

    Rabbi lipskier has done a great job with the students this year. He is new the mesivta department and has shown immense dedication and a true feel of chassidishkeit to the students. Whoever can, please help support this special cause.

  • 3. i just gave $180 great cause wrote:

    rabbi lipskier is the best and he has a wonderful class i think everyone should donate to the cause in honor of the rebbes birthday

    • 5. Rabbi Lipskier wrote:

      YES – Absolutly!
      the boys will be learning based on the amounts of minutes sopnsored – more sponsership=more Limmud Hatorah!


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