Visiting Sofrim Check Panama Jews’ Tefilin and Mezuzos

The Chabad Shliach to Panama, Rabbi Ari Laine, brought down two veteran Sofrim, the brothers Rabbi Rachamim and Levi Ladaev of Paris, to check the Tefilin and Mezuzos of the local Jewish community.

The Shliach delivered a Shiur to his congregation on the importance of having ones Tefilin and Mezuzos checked regularly, after which the Sofrim got to work checking the parchments.

During the inspection, the Sofrim found many Tefilin and Mezuzos that were not kosher. One man brought in a pair of Tefilin that had non-kosher straps – which had the black part glued on rather than painted. Another man wore a pair of Tefilin that was missing a full word for over twenty years!

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