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Cheder Has Amazing First Year, Looks Forward to Next

All the students and their families are having an amazing first year at Cheder Chabad Girls of Long Island, which has just opened registration for the 2016-17 school year.

There is so much activity and hands-on learning at CCGLI, the children learn while really enjoying it.

Recently, the 1st and 2nd grade had a Siddur and Chumash party where they all received a siddur with their name on it, and 2nd grade received their chumash. They spent a lot of time learning pre-chumash skills and are ready to start learning inside their Sefer.

The girls put on a beautiful play about the importance of learning Torah, and sang a touching song, asking Hashem to always listen to their tefillos. It was extremely special for some of the girls, because although they have received a siddur previously, they now have a Siddur Tehillas Hashem. Thank you to Morah Shaindy Horowitz for preparing the girls, and teaching them so well.

Mrs. Hadassah Geisinsky, shlucha at Chabad of the Five Towns, kvelled, “What a proud moment as I watched my 1st grade daughter Chanie receive her siddur. I feel privileged to be a pioneer in this wonderful school. My daughter is truly thriving! She is learning, growing and building friendships every day. As I looked at the parents and teachers watching our girls beam with pride- I smiled too – proud to be part of the Cheder Chabad Girls School of Long Island family!”

“To think that last year having a local Lubavitch school for my daughters was just a dream, and that next year we will, I”yh, be having 5 grades, amazes me. We are so grateful to the families that entrusted their daughters to us to make this dream a reality, and thankful to our amazing teachers, who create such a warm, loving and chassidishe environment, for the girls to learn in, ” says Mrs. Chavie Lieberman, Executive Director, one of the founders of the school and a shlucha at Chabad at Hofstra University.

Families from Long Island who receive busing, must sign up with their districts by April 1, 2016. Because of the bus deadline looming, and in order to plan properly for the next school year, Cheder Chabad Girls of Long Island has opened registration for next year.

Registration is open for grades Pre1a-5th grade. For a more information, or to request a registration packet, please email Cheder Chabad Girls of Long Island at, or call 516-477-1770.

Families in Long Island who send to non-public school must sign their children up for busing before the April 1st deadline. In Long Island and other parts of New York State that are outside the city limits, children can get government busing paid for by their district of residence. There are rules governing the busing including a minimum and a maximum that the bus will carry the students. Each district is different with the minimum distance the child must live from school to be transported, however the maximum distance allowed by law is 15 miles from the child’s home to the school. To find out more regarding busing in your area, please contact Mrs. Devorah Rosenzweig through the school’s email address

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