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Oholei Torah Prepares for Upcoming Dinner

This coming Sunday, March 20th, 10 Adar Sheini, the Oholei Torah Ballroom will be decked out in its finest as hundreds of guests will gather for the Annual Dinner Gala. An event that received special recognition from the Rebbe, with a letter addressed to the Dinner each year.

In the last letter of Shnas Hakhel, 5748, the Rebbe connected the theme of Hakhel to Oholei Torah – writing:

Regarding our present subject, when referring to an educational institution that bears the name “Oholei Torah” [“tents of Torah”], it is understood that the theme and spirit of Hakhel has a very great connection with this school, when we note the Torah’s emphasis not only on “the men and the women,” but also explicitly and particularly on “the young children.”

This year, the Rosh Yeshiva’s shiur room will be dedicated in memory of Mrs. Luba Friedman, OBM, wife of the well-known rosh yeshiva, R’ Yisroel Friedman, shlita. R’ Yisroel is known for his deep shiurim and for the unique relationships he has fostered with the thousands of talmidim who have learned in Oholei Torah over the years.

HaRav Yitzchok and Rebbetzin Shaindel Raitport have been longtime friends and supporters of Oholei Torah. With major dedications and support over the years, the Raitports see it as a privilege and a zechus to support Oholei Torah and further its goals of chinuch al taharas hakodesh.

A dedication of the newly built gymnasium, part of the Popack Recreational Facilities, will be held at the event, and the smorgasbord will be held in the actual gym itself, providing the guests with the opportunity to tour the newly built facility. The gym, sponsored by R’ Yoseph Yitzchok and Batsheva Popack, stresses a most important aspect of student life and encourages talmidim of all ages to properly exercise and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Rabbi Joseph Rosenfeld, longtime executive director, invites all to participate in this Annual Gala, and thanks the honorees for their support and dedication to the mosad. Rabbi Rosenfeld added in the spirit of Hakhel, This year’s event will be unique both in quantity as well as quality.

For more information, to make reservations please visit or call the Dinner office at 718-483-9000 ext. 102. You may also email the office directly at

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