Kvutzeh Students without Internet Filter Threatened with Deportation

Students in Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim-770 have been notified recently by the Yeshiva’s administration that they must turn in their smartphones for kosher ‘filters’ to be installed.

On Monday, the students who possess smartphones and haven’t yet complied with the order have received a warning printed on the Yeshiva’s stationary that their visa affidavit will be revoked and they will be deported from the country if they fail to turn in their smartphone by Wednesday.

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  • 1. K wrote:

    Does this edict only apply to “Kvutza” bochurim while regular bochurim are permitted by the Yeshiva to possess unfiltered smartphones????

    Please explain!!!

    • 3. K wrote:


      So are you saying that they ACTUALLY enforce this equally on ALL other foreign students from Europe, Canada, Australia, S. America and S. Africa?

  • 4. Even high schools and elementary schools don't need to have filters. wrote:

    Messed up… Instead they can teach them about self control rather than threatening them so harshly (which just makes them want to have an unfiltered phone more.) Even if they do get their phones filtered, they can still find a way to do whatever they would want to do on an unfiltered phone. Can’t believe the administration can do something so low like that.

    • 6. Anonymous wrote:

      Who said filters are for everyone? They are mostly there to keep honest people honest. If anyone wants to find what they want on the internet, it is pretty hard to find a filter which will stop them

  • 7. Good stuff wrote:

    Great idea, many high tech companies require you to hand in your smart phones this increases their productivity.

  • 8. the silliest solution wrote:

    what a way to fix the problem !!!!!!
    thumbs up yeshiva admin. (sarcasm)
    Gr8 solution, “push the problem aside”. why not educate about the dangers and benefits.
    let me guess that the problem with educating is that such meaningful education does not belong in a lubavitch moised !?
    man oh man, filters are like trying to make a hamster spin a square, IT SIMpLY JUST DOES NOT FIX THE ISSUE !!! SHAPE UP PEOPLE.
    besides for worrying about internet, why not take control of your schools???

    • 9. YMSP wrote:

      Why not allow bochurim to bring hard drugs as long as they take a class in self-control?

      If this isn’t stamped out the next generation can, G-D forbid, be lost. Experts of all spectrums of Orthodox Judaism agree on this issue.

  • 10. Bentzion shtainfire wrote:

    Round of applause!

    Another day month year etc… Goes by and another whole generation gets placed in the dumpster. Why you may ask? The answer is as simple as strawberry humintashin, ban ban ban! don’t educate, education is bad it may make a teacher feel uncomfortable for a few seconds (maybe the most important few seconds of his students lifes)
    As soon as the school administrations pull there heads out of there titles and positions of respect etc… And realize that actually educateting our kids can be beneficial, and isn’t a threat to the raign of the mosdois, all will be good!

    • 11. YMSP wrote:

      Oh please. Maybe the hanholo should install TVs and a movie theater in the dorms or in the Beis Midrash.

      And an open access smartphone is what you call “education?” They’d be more educated by reading the Koran (but then we’ll be dealing with the famous “Jack of all Trades, Master of None” adage).

      Interesting how those who rail against basic standards have no care for the real harm, that even non-frum experts would agree is harmful, that they wish to bring upon students.

    • 12. Bentzion shtainfire wrote:

      My friend YMSP, what I call education, is proper education! It’s been to long that we cover up these topics with a rug made of fine educators who do nothing but impose there own shilchan aruch on there younger peers.

      How many more people must we loose becuase it is easier to deny the reality then live in it, and try to change it for the better? If Yeshiva has a no cellphone policy then inforce it, but don’t say hay you can have a cellphone but if you don’t do what we like on it we are going to throw you out, Yeshiva should encourage one to be safe when he is on the internet, and bring professionals to talk about internet saftey, not have some guy who is called a mashpia sitting with his class pretending to be a therapist and asking mesivta aged kids to tell them there problems, what is wrong with our moisdos chinnuch? Isn’t a so called mashpiem’s job to teach chasidis?

  • 13. Former Yeshiva Student wrote:

    Smart idea but it won’t work. Bochurim will simply buy another smartphone. It is just too late.

  • 14. There is a boss wrote:

    How silly keep terrorists but deport good boys with the same phone as the hanholah?!

  • 16. Huh? wrote:

    So smartphones are the problem? Not their extremism, violence, meseira, and criminal activity?

    Way to go, Hanhala, you are still terrified of these animals & think this narishkeit will endear you to the community? Don’t you get it? YOU LOST. You have zero authority and respect.

  • 17. bernard holland wrote:

    whatever happened to the first amendment to the constitution of the united states?

    • 18. Really? wrote:

      The First Amendment allows for certain freedoms while residing in this country. The school doesn’t deny that. However, if you’d like to be a member of their institution, there are rules to be followed. If someone doesn’t keep those rules, he loses his place in said school, resulting in the individual losing their school visa. Quite simple, actually.

    • 19. Ezra wrote:

      What of it? The amendment doesn’t say, “The administration of Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim shall make no law…,” but “Congress shall make no law…”

    • 20. YMSP wrote:

      The original intent protects speech and religion, not smut or sedition (which were rightly regarded by all as elements that would destroy society, the former being far more destructive than mere treason against the government – sedition).

      And yes, even the first two are restrictions of Congress. A yeshiva would be allowed to restrict Islamic, Lutheran or Yeshiva University teachings, to be specific.

  • 21. Borsalino wrote:

    Kuddos to yeshivah
    You can’t teach or explain these things to the yetzer ara ,specially if they are already addicted to visit these kind of sites
    They should also expell any bocher that later in found to have a smartphone or computer
    This is theonly way , Don’t fool yourself
    The Hanala is responsible for the ruchnius of bochrim , this ban of smartphones is crucial
    These things cannot be explained

    • 22. Conrad eidelman wrote:

      Reb yid, so now that one can’t fight the yetzer hora as you say and it is to late, do we simply just throw them out of our yeshivas? What good can possibily come out of that?

      You also write that “this is the only way” the only way for what exactly? Can it be to have a majority of our Yeshiva bouchrim put on the streets?

      Can you please give a sensible explanation as to why if a bouchir was caught doing dvarrim haasurim it is reason to abandon him in his real time of need? Ah you are going to tell me it is for the greater good, the greater good of what exactly? Destroying a prescious yidishe neshama?

      Rabboisai what happened to the basics fundemetels of chasidis, namely a sefer called the Tanya?

      It is a sad time ladies and gentleman should we continue on this destructive path.

  • 23. Really? wrote:

    This letter is dated Yud Beis Adar Aleph, to be enforced by Yud Daled. Can someone explain to me why this is being done 2 months before pesach? The school year is more than half over. They didn’t realize this would be an issue until now?

    Once again, the administration of TT”L 770 is on top of their game….

  • 24. Anonymous wrote:

    They are not realized how is internet dangerous?
    are you okei? yeshiva students with smartphones?
    what with other? they have to learn! in my brother`s yeshiva they give the phones (simply nokia without internet) only sometimes in the day to call home.!!

  • 25. Freedom of speech? wrote:

    In the work-place, use the N word or anything like that;
    you’re fired. So, the Yeshiva, likewise, has a right to impose it’s own restrictions. BTW, a few weeks ago, there was a story about an African who got fired because he used the N word. It’s like this, if a white uses it, that’s a racist; a black man using it is a madman.
    Many years ago Bob Grant was fired from the radio station because of something he said or the way he said it. Rush Limbaugh, surprsingnly, defended the radio station’s right to do so. “I was fired 5 times before I got my present position.”

  • 27. ATT. YMSP wrote:

    U seem to be a pretty educated fellow.
    what is your opinion on extremism in crown heights?
    let me guess, that when a couple of hounds decided to beat the yeitzes outta a bochur in 749 u took their side!
    OPEN YOUR EYES MY FREIND.see view is a wonderful glasses guy.

  • 28. Kvutza wrote:

    The Bochrim are smarter. Whoever wants access to internet can just order another unfiltered phone and use it as they wish as many already do !!!

  • 29. Discrimination wrote:

    I echo he comments of K at #1 and #3 – Why are they targeting only Israeli kvutza bochurim? This is unfair!!! If the yeshiva has such a rule, it should be enforced equally on all bochurim and all out-of-country bochurim should be threatened with cancelling their Student Visa? The heavy discrimination against a certain group of Israeli bochurim MUST stop! Stop picking on them based on their country of origin!!! Enough is enough. Israeli kvitza bochurim are not second-class bochurim!!!


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