Hawaii Shliach Wins Bayis Raffle

The drawing of the 2nd Annual Likras Shabbos Bayis Raffle was held Monday evening in New York. Over the past two months, thousands of tickets were bought in support of the extraordinary work of Machon Or Hachassidus.

Machon Or Hachassidus was founded twelve years with the goal of making the Rebbe’s teachings accessible and available to the broader Jewish community. Today, tens of thousands of people from all segments of the Jewish community discover the Rebbe’s teachings through specially prepared publications in print and email that are distributed in over 3,000 shuls in America and Israel, and emailed to over 30,000 subscribers.

The flagship project of Machon Or Hachassidus is the weekly Likras Shabbos, which has grown from 1000 copies printed a week in 5764, to 15,000 printed each week in 5776. It is well received by Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshivos, Baalei Batim and Bochurim from across the spectrum of the Jewish community. Another monumental project are the Daily Lightpoints and Penina Yomis emails, short Divrei Torah in Hebrew and English that are emailed to thousands of subscribers.

Honored with drawing the winning ticket on Monday night was Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi, a senior mashpia and member of Hanholas Tomchei Temimim – 770.

The lucky winner is Rabbi Michoel Goldman from Princeville HI, who will receive the equivalent of six months of his rent or mortgage, and 100 volumes of Sifrei Chassidus of his choice at Kehos.

The combined prize of payments for the home and sifrei chassidus symbolizes and serves as a reminder of the Rebbe’s mivtza of Bayis Molei Seforim, that every Jewish home should be filled with Torah literature.

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