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Kfar Chabad Rov Criticizes Extravagant Homes

The mora d’asra of Kfar Chabad, Rabbi Meir Ashkenazi Shlita, spoke to the community at a recent elections aseifa in which he addressed maintaining a modest standard of living. He spoke in strong terms about housing renovations and that one should not built more than a total of two stories, part of maintaining a modest lifestyle.

The rav spoke out in definitive terms regarding housing in the community and the housing shortage that is experienced by the frum tzibur. He explained the housing matter must be addressed, a matter in his words “that is resulting in many sleepless nights for parents”. Rav Ashkenazi moved on to speak about the need to establish an industrial zone in the community towards generating additional employment for residents.

Rav Ashkenazi explained the address for advancing such a project is the office of the regional council leadership, calling on ‘vaad members with vision” to advance this with regional council officials towards creating additional employment in the area.


  • 1. Resident wrote:

    Now imagine if we had such type of rav here in crown heights. A rav that says this type of things

    • 2. Shimon Shak wrote:

      no one would listen to him just the same…just like people aren’t listening to the Rabonim honw. Kfar Chabad is an isolated place where you either fall in line or get out and the Rav controls that very tightly..that kind of control is almost impossible in Crown Heights. Hate to say this but short of Moshiach no one will get Crown Heights as a whole to listen to them.

  • 3. old timer wrote:

    never going to happened! who pays the bills? the rabbonim or balie battim??

  • 4. Zev Tzvi wrote:

    He if ppl have the $$ & they want 2 renovate their house or make it nicer, if som1 has the $$ 2 do so, hey its a free country, no1 could tell any1 wat 2 do except if it violates Halacha, that’s 1 thing, but ppl r allowed 2 make their house look however the heck they want No 1 has any right 2 say anything. It’s none of his Darn Business.

    • 5. Pedant wrote:

      Wow, u must b on an obama phone.

      A rov deals with right and wrong in addition to mutar and assur and is well within his geder to say that you *should not* eat kol mine matamim while your brethren lack food lephi taph. It’s in tayna somewhere I promise…

      Now is not the time to be lavish or extravagant.

  • 6. housing shortage= bigger homes wrote:

    The Rav speaks about not adding a third floor to ones home, yet doesnt that help aleviate a housing shortage? Enlighten me

  • 8. Not in keeping with what the Rebbe said wrote:

    The Rebbe spoke clearly and firmly about beautifying our homes. We are to live within our means but the Rebbe urged us to do more in all regards, including our homes!
    Look at how he urges us to make beautiful chabad houses to attract more people! The larger our homes the more guests we can have!
    Have no idea what this Rabbi is saying it where he got these ideas!?

    • 9. anon wrote:

      where did the rebbe say that?

      on the contrary the rebbe spoke about NOT having fancy homes.

      you are dead wrong.

  • 12. Kfari wrote:

    Rabbi Askenzy is controlling kfar chabad and if you dont listen to him you simply lose your right as member etc..

    the rebbe instructed KC to limit the houses to 2 floors..

  • 14. Unemployed Noachide wrote:

    So, we should all live under a stairwell, like Rabbi Aryeh Levin and his wife did? If these people can afford a large home, then don’t begrudge them. Be happy that HaShem deems them worthy of such a blessing.


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