Video: ‘Shema Yisroel’ from an Awakened Jewish Soul

Rabbi Mendel Goldstein of Crown Heights met a 70-year-old Jewish stock trader who hadn’t put on Tefilin since his Bar Mitzvah, which took place in 1958. The man readily agreed to put on Tefilin, and – with deep emotion – recited “Shema Yisroel” on his own.



  • 1. Hmmmm wrote:

    Not true at all. Shmuel was well known in the Montreal Lubavitch community, when he resided there for many years.

    He put on tefillin many times and davened in the Lubavitch shul, and has been to many a shabbos table.

    He currently lives in the Rockaways.

  • 2. Sefardic Kesher wrote:

    This story is as true as the black “Cop” named Mendel, after the Rebbe. Not a cop, not named Mendel (rather Mandella), and obviously, not after the Rebbe…

    He did a beautiful Sefardi kesher, which indicates that he has good practice…


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