Oholei Torah Staff Receive Chanukah Bonuses

Philanthropist and businessman R’ Yosef Yitzchak Popack and his wife Batsheva have once again given a special gift to all the teachers and morahs of Oholei Torah in honor of Chanukah. New to this year is the additional support from the Oholei Torah PTA, which sponsored the Mesivta and administrative members divisions.

While there is much emphasis about Mivztoim, public candle lightings and the like over the holiday of Chanukah, Mr. Popack, together with the PTA, did not forget the unique message of Chanukah, which is Chinuch – that young kinderlach should learn and live the Torah.

This has become a tradition at Educational Institute Oholei Torah, which is proud to be the recipient of the philanthropic chessed of Yoseph Yitzchok and Batsheva Popack.

Many ongoing building projects have been sponsored by Mr. Popack to enhance Oholei Torah, including the newly-built Popack Building for the Kindergarten in East Flatbush, the new facilities in the elementary department, the showers and locker rooms in the recreational center and the lunchroom for the Pre-1A classes. And after all this Mr. Popack has also taken on to underwriting the complete renovation of the Gymnasium, initiated by the Oholei Torah PTA,  which is in its final stages of completion.

Rabbi Joseph Rosenfeld, Executive Director, will be presenting to Mr. & Mrs. Popack the honorary title of “Builders of Torah” at the upcoming Annual Dinner March 20th.

Over 40 members of the PTA were honored at last year’s annual event for all their hard work and dedication. Rabbi Sholom Rosenfeld, Director, who coordinated this year’s bonuses, thanked the PTA for their ongoing efforts and the unique special excitement they bring to Oholei Torah with all the projects and events they sponsor, including the recent Chanukah show which was enjoyed by the elementary division.

The staff of the Yeshiva want to thank all those involved in supporting these worthy causes,  and are happy to share the nachas of the 1,850 talmidim k”ah who are learning in the Rebbe’s yeshiva.

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  • 4. pained and happy wrote:

    this wonderful news comes today in contrast to situation in another school in this neighborhood….Here teachers getting bonuses and there teachers not even getting their rightful pay. Same parents…Only different is administration kol
    hakovod OT

  • 5. Hello? wrote:

    How can you post this article without saying much?
    I heard each teacher got $1800.
    Is this true?

  • 6. sad wrote:

    As another school with the same parents can’t even promise to keep it’s doors open, it just feels wrong. Why? Really we need to ask why??? Who is going to give some answers?

  • 7. Thank you, Mr & Mrs. Popack! wrote:

    As a parent of a teacher in OT, I know how much they all appreciate your generosity.

    As for you nosy folk out there – it’s none of your business how much each teacher received! *I* don’t know! How many of YOU thanked your kids’ teachers in an appropriate way? How much did YOU give??

  • 8. R' Shlomo in Eretzz Yisroel wrote:

    R’ Yosef another ” swish ” with your ” basketball ” of mitzvahs like the old days of the 1960″s in yeshiva days of Bedford & Dean. With Admiration Shlomo 1969

  • 9. administration wrote:

    Yaasher koach to the Popacks and everyone who donated !
    Yaasher koach to the administration of OT!
    Other administrators have a lot to leant from them

  • 10. Very nice wrote:

    Your comments are valid that it may feel wrong… but at the end of the day, they’ve built a relationship with him and he can give to whoever he wants…. of course I wish he’d choose uly to be a recipient as well since my kids go there, but if u think logically there’s nothing wrong with him giving to whoever he chooses to give… perfect time for tax write off too lol

  • 11. Its not the Money..... wrote:

    Its not the money of how much and how this or that…its the appreciation and the beautiful manner it was distributed. Let the schools know that they count, are important and are pillar of our community!

  • 13. why? wrote:

    why as a teacher in BR am I not appreciated and considered worthless not to get paid and look at this Yeshiva….giving their teachers such wonderful recognition Whats wrong?

  • 14. some advice? wrote:

    aren’t Rabbi Rosenfeld from OT and Rabbi Minkowitz of BR michutonim Maybe Rabbi Rosenfeld could advise Rabbi Minkowitz how to run a school where teachers get paid and are appreciated


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