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Project Hakhel Aims for 10,000 Tefillin

The year of Hakhel was given a lot of attention by the Rebbe, specifically in regards to making many events and programs to gather Jewish people together. Following the Rebbe’s lead, Project Hakhel is excited to announce a global Tefillin campaign with an aim to unite as many people possible in doing the same Mitzvah. Every day we have the chance to meet a Jew, inspire them and encourage them to do a Mitzva.

Project Hakhel aims to make sure this outreach happens on a big scale. Every time one fulfills Mivtza Tefillin (lay Tefillin with another Yid), they will receive a $2 stackable cash prize. For every five times one lays Tefillin, they will also be entered into a raffle for some amazing prizes:

  • Two Swegway’s + Seforim – when we reach 2,500 Mivtza Tefillin.
  • Two Drones + Seforim – when we reach 5,000 Mivtza Tefillin.
  • Two MacBook Airs + Seforim – when we reach 7,500 Mivtza Tefillin.
  • Grand prize – When we reach our GOAL of 10,000 Mivtza Tefillin, a raffle for an all-expense paid Shabbos weekend in Cozumel, Mexico (from anywhere in the US), including hotels, restaurants and an awesome scuba diving trip (plus the opportunity to lay even more Tefillin!) for the Winner and a Shliach of his choosing!

The idea is for this project to go viral and to attract as many people as possible. Therefore, participants must post Telfies (Tefillin selfies) on Instagram with the hashtag #ProjectHakhel in order to receive the prize money. Those who don’t use Instagram may send their Telfie to

So far, the following Yeshivas are part of this project: Bais Menachem of Wilkes-Barre, Bais Torah Menachem- LA, Jewish Educational Trade School, Ohel Menachem of Brazil, The Chassidic Revolution, The Rap, Yeshiva College of Melbourne, Yeshiva Gedola of Melbourne

Any other program that would like to join, please email

For more info, please contact Project Hakhel at: 1(562)-348-7155 or visit

Project Hakhel

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