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Viznitzer Rebbe Makes Special Visit to 770

The Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Bnei Brak, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Hager Shlita, made a special visit to 770 – the Lubavitch World Headquarters, a first since Gimmel Tammuz.

The Vizhnitzer Rebbe has been staying down the block from 770 while in the United States for a weeks long visit.

Accompanying the Rebbe was his only son Rabbi Chaim Meir Hager, Rov of the Vizhnitzer Community in the United States, and a number of his Chassidim.

While in 770 many Bochurim gathered around to hear him recount memories of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and 770, which he has not visited since Gimmel Tammuz.

While visiting a Farbrengen in honor of Chof Cheshvan, the birthday of the Rebbe Rashab, was taking place with Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi which he listed to and even participated.

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  • 1. WHY ? wrote:

    It’s nice to have such an honored guest, but can someone please explain why he isn’t staying in Borough Park near the Vishnitz community ?

  • 2. Info for you wrote:

    He is not the main Vizhnitzer rebbe. His brother is.

    After his father passed away a few years ago, it was decided that both him and his older brother would be Vizhnitzer Rebbes.

    Don’t be fooled by a title.

  • 3. D. Hager wrote:

    Reb Yisroelke, his older brother, is the Bnai Brak Viznitzer Rebbe and Reb Mottele, his uncle, is the Monsey Viznitzer Rebbe.
    Reb Mendele has a very small following
    Reb Yisroelke Hager visited Kever Yosef in the Shomron a few years ago.

  • 4. to # 2 Mr. maven wrote:

    no one is being fooled nor should anyone fool others
    there is no main
    they are both equal Rebbes

  • 5. why ? wrote:

    why is slavin in every picture ? is he a chosid of this rebbe ? is he trying to be a BIG shot ?

  • 6. embaressing wrote:

    lets be honest , this visit is a joke, this is an important rebbe, a leader of hundreds of families, a member of moetzes gedlei haatorh of aguda etc etc, yet he is visiting 770 a5t 2am as if he is a thief!
    slavin, who in a few days will sit proudly at the banquet of merkaz, did not arrnage an honorable visit to 770, with rabbis krinksy, shemtov, kortlarsky, reb yoel etc, with the rebbe’s room open, a visit to the apartment of the friediker rebbe & the library.
    instead to satisfy his friends, drizin hendel & braun, he slipped a great rebbe into 770 under the cover of darkness, making a fool of him & of chabad

    • 7. Pedant wrote:

      You cannot make not make a fool out of Chabad, only of yourself.

      Don’t know nor care about this and I can’t get myself worked up about no tzadik bo leir sign accross kingston.

      Did you know that the Reb Mendele determined the circumstances of the visit?

      (Me neither cause I made that up, point being that who said he would agree to that, or that R’ Yoel would have agreed to that … there is just so much loaded into your assumption that it’s difficult to see how you use it as a basis cast aspersion on …. everyone)

  • 8. shea wrote:

    mende’leh is a choshiver yid and has a huge following. sure his brother yisroel has a bigger amount of chassidim, but the numbers of following means nthing, it just gives excuse for the chassidim to have more yeshus. don’t put down a rebbe stam, a rebbe is much more than a title


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