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Call Goes Out to Dedicate Farbrengens to Shliach

The Vaad Hashluchim to Eretz Hakodesh has released a statement calling on Chabad Chassidim worldwide to dedicate their Farbrengens this Shabbos Bereishis to one of their veteran members – Rabbi Aaron Eliezer ben Rivkah Tseitlin, who is battling a malignant tumor and is in dire need of a Refuah Sheleimah.

Rabbi Tseitlin is currently in New York, where he is undergoing treatment. Despite the grim prognosis from his doctors, he was seen on Simchas Torah dancing joyously in 770, not allowing his situation to dampen the Simchah of Yomtov.

“It is well known that what a chassidishe farbrengen can achieve, the Angel Michoel cannot achieve and with a chassidishe farbrengen imbued with achdus and ahavas yisroel we will achieve a full and speedy recovery for Rabbi Aaron Elizer Tseitlin sheyichye,” the statement reads.

Rabbi Tseitlin was one of the Shluchim sent personally by the Rebbe to Eretz Yisroel in the mid-1970s. He settled in Tzfas, where he oversees a network of kindergartens dedicated to giving the city’s young children a proper Jewish education.


  • 1. a wonderful tzaddik wrote:

    he should have a refua shlaima
    we need him here with us and we need him well
    what a special yid!!

  • 2. Amazing man wrote:

    It’s so inspiring that he was dancing joyously in 770 on Simchas Torah despite his health condition! May he have an immediate refuah shlaima.


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