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Illinois U. Chabad Menorah Vandalized for 2nd Time

The menorah outside the Chabad Jewish Center at the University of Illinois has been vandalized for the second time this year, Rabbi Dovid Tiechtel said Wednesday.

Only this time, they have the culprit on videotape.

UI police posted still images and video of a man pushing the menorah several times until it falls over. The footage was captured at about 6 a.m. Wednesday.

Damage is estimated to be $2,269 because the menorah was broken at its base.

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Click here to view surveillance footage of the incident.


  • 1. What the media keeps doesn't want u to know & keeps hiding. wrote:

    That’s these vandals are uber liberal progressive atheists that hate Jews that believe in g-d,

    But the media always will try to spin it that it’s some white supremacist.

  • 2. Kol hakovod wrote:

    This shabbas hundreds came to chabad and celebrated the joyous day
    All through the week there were many activities and classes as students walked in proudly as Jews
    Who won ?

    The criminal act of one who hates does not deter chabad from continuing all their projects
    Chabad counters hatred with love
    Kol hakovod to the dedicated shluchim Rabbi Dovid and Goldi Tiechtel


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