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Kehot and SIE Release Revamped Shulchan Aruch in English

Sichos in English has announced the release of a new Sefer – a state-of-the-art Shluchan Aruch of the Alter Rebbe with side-by-side English translation.

The refined and redesigned English phrasing, larger vowelized Hebrew, original illustrations for relevant laws and readily readable footnotes promise to make this volume a study experience for students of all interests and familiarities.

“If you were approached to make the Shulchan Aruch Harav accessible to a whole new audience, what would you do? We were asked that and knew it was time to bring this foundational work from the ‘books-to-buy-if-required-by-school’ list to the ‘books-to-bring-if-stuck-on-an-island’ list,” said Moshe Muchnik of Spotlight, which designed the new book.

The project owes its success to the joint collaboration of Kehot Publication Society, Sichos in English, Spotlight Design and The Weiss Family of Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, California.

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  • 2. FINALLY! wrote:

    What took so long!!! main question how many volumes and how much does it cost?

  • 6. Gym wrote:

    Kol hakavod to everyone who did this project…. Beautiful design and great content..
    Nice to see all the talents of spotlight, SIE and Kehot working together and producing such nice projects…

    Keep up the food work

  • 8. Beautiful! wrote:

    This is another example of how much can be accomplished when central mosdos work together instead of bickering!


  • 9. Non Crown Heightser wrote:

    And a big yasher kayach to Mayer Preger who is really behind the whole project.

    • 12. Michoel wrote:

      Same material. Both Hebrew and English on same page. And each of these have 2 or more of the previous thinner volumes in them. you’d have to check the simanim/chapters for that part.

  • 13. Reprints. How about new ones? wrote:

    These looks really nice overall. But aside from putting Hebrew and English on the same page, they’re the same as was done in the past.

    Whatever happened to the plans on going over Hilchos Shabbos for the bi-lingual editions and a few more things?


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