JEM Introduces WhatsApp Series on Parenting

This Monday, JEM will be starting a 10-part series over WhatsApp on the topic of parenting. The videos will be sent to the over 7,000 subscribers of their daily videos broadcasts.

The series, a first of its kind, will feature clips of the Rebbe with advice on the most beneficial approaches and methods for raising healthy Yiddishe, Chassidishe children. Each 1-2 minute clip contains pearls of practical insight, illuminating the issues surrounding parenting in our modern age. These will be supplemented with interviews from the My Encounter with the Rebbe series, as well as additional parenting-related photos and stories. Among the videos will be exclusive, never-before-seen clips from JEM’s archive.

Some of the series highlights:

  • The best approach for a child having minor behavioral problems in school
  • A parent’s primary job
  • The effect of parents’ own personal behavior on their children
  • Tips for families that don’t get to spend much time together
  • The way of ensuring that your children absorb what you teach
  • How to avoid losing your temper with your children
  • And more…

The series is sponsored by an anonymous donor. May he merit to see true chassidishe nachas from his entire family.

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