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One Year Later, New Clues Emerge in Rabbi’s Murder

New clues have arisen that may help Miami-Dade officials close a case in the death of Rabbi Yosef Raksin of Crown Heights, but they still need the public’s help.

From WSVN Miami:

New clues have arisen that may help officials close a case in the death of rabbi, but they still need the public’s help.

“They did look very sincere in telling me, ‘Listen, we are doing whatever possibly we can to bring the killer to justice,'” said Shuli Labkowski.

Labkowski’s father, Rabbi Yosef Raksin, was shot and killed on Aug. 9, as he walked to synagogue in Northeast Miami-Dade.

The killer remains on the loose. However, 7News has learned that Labkowski was called to the State Attorney’s Office last week to meet with prosecutors and police to receive an update in her father’s case. “Given that we’re coming up on the one-year anniversary, both the Miami-Dade Police and our prosecutors handling this case, wanted to sit down and update the family on the status on the investigation,” said attorney Ed Griffith. “The investigation is very active and is proceeding forward.”

The 60-year-old rabbi was visiting his daughter and her family from Crown Heights, Brooklyn when he was gunned down. Labkowski said she thinks about that fateful morning everyday.

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  • 1. for everyones sake wrote:

    there needs to be a shturem made and we can not stay quiet until the murderer is found. Jewish blood isn’t cheap. C’;mon where are all the activists???

    How come the shvartzes know to make a commotion when they are absolutely in the wrong and get attention and we are too lazy, that’s the real reason, laziness not to stand and demand JUSTICE.

  • 2. Ma Rabbi wrote:

    If they really want to find the killers they will find them

  • 3. shimon wrote:

    May god help the cops catch the killer and bring him to justice. May the family be consoled.

  • 4. disappointed wrote:

    more bs the same as around the country jewish & white lives don’t matter if it were reverse the killer would be in jail awaiting trilal & why is the community silent?


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