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Mitzvah Walk-a-Thon to Benefit Ailing 4-Year-Old

Right after Purim of this year, Menucha Rochel Andrusier, a 4-year-old Shlucha from Irvine, California, was diagnosed with a yenah machla. The road ahead is extremely difficult and challenging, but with the help of Hashem and all the Mitzvos being done for Rochel, she will G-d willing merit a complete and speedy recovery.

Unfortunately, Rabbi Elly, Gilah and the Andrusier family have been down this road before. Four and a half years ago, one of their older daughters, Chaya Mushka was also diagnosed with a different type of Yene Machla. Baruch Hashem she merited a Refuah Shleima and is a tremendous source of courage and strength to the family.

Rochel was born three months into Mushky’s treatment. She was a bright ray of sunshine for the Andrusiers, and brought a tremendous amount of Simcha and Brocha to their family during a very difficult time. Rochel is a spunky, outgoing and very affectionate child. She is currently undergoing a year of heavy treatment.

The Irvine community wanted to unite to help the Andrusier family emotionally, spiritually and physically through this challenging time. After much brainstorming and a lot of work, Rochel’s “Mitzvah Walk-a-Thon” was born.

On Sunday, June 21st, the Irvine and larger Orange County communities will unite in a “Mitzvah Walk-a-Thon” for Rochel.  At the walk there will be booths with educational information on the 10 Mitzvah Campaigns that the Lubavitcher Rebbe instituted. This will give people the opportunity to take on a Mitzva in Rochel’s merit to Please G-d bring about her complete recovery.

The larger Jewish community is invited to join in this special event to learn, explore, unite and give strength to Rochel and her family. If you are not able to be there in person, you can still participate in the event either by taking on a Mitzvah or making a donation.

The proceeds from the “Mitzvah Walk-a-Thon” will go toward helping Rochel and her family with her treatments.

The Andrusier family thanks you in advance for your support, and expresses deep gratitude to Lisa Dimant for all the time, effort and energy she has invested in co-ordinating Rochel’s “Mitzvah Walk-a-ton” and making it a reality.

For more information, please contact Lisa either via email, or call 949.735.5341   If you would like to participate in the “Mitzvah Walk-a-thon, please visit, or if you would like to commit to a Mitzvah in Rochel’s honor, please visit

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  • 1. TorahYid wrote:

    yenah machla=Cancer. We don’t have to hide from it and calling it names won’t help.

    • 2. Name wrote:

      We have a strong tradition not to mention it’s actual name R”L, and for good reason.

  • 3. Name wrote:

    Give the name – Menucha Rochel Bas Gila Elka. We add her name to the Mishebeirachs all the time, here in a different state.

  • 4. To #1 Don't give it chayus wrote:

    Yes, we all know what yenah Michal is, thank you. Saying the word is giving it chayus as with everything else that we say. We believe that our words hold tremendous power so why would we want to call something so negative by its name?

  • 5. Agree with #1 wrote:

    TorahYid is onto something. Sometimes I feel like we’re all in a Harry Potter book and avoiding the name Voldemort.

  • 7. Deepest condolences wrote:

    What a beautiful child. She looks like she had an old soul; such a mature looking face. May her neshama have the highest aliyah, and may her family find comfort somehow, in this tragic time.

  • 8. Name wrote:

    These joyous comments are all really helping her folks. Now let’s do some mitzvos and say some Tehillim for this little girl!


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