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Winners of Hadar Hatorah Purim Raffle Announced

The 16 lucky winners of Hadar Hatorah’s 16th annual Purim raffle, the proceeds of which benefit the Crown Heights Yeshiva under the auspices of the NCFJE, have been announced:

1: $5000.00 Cash – Reuven Stoll, Brooklyn, NY

2: Megillas Esther – Binyamin Emmer, Brooklyn, NY

3: $1500. Travel –  Shlomo Helinski, North Miami Beach, FL

4: Dell Computer – Zecharya Davidson, Los Angeles, CA

5: Five Piece Sterling Silver  Table Set –  Asher Moshe Belles, Houston, TX

6: Diamond Pendant – Russell Coff, Madison, WI

7: Bugaboo Stroller – R.L. Shenitsky, Brooklyn, NY

8: $1000 Macy’s ,Gap Gift Certificate – Avraham Taurog, Brooklyn, NY

9: Dazzling Necklace –  Abi Friedman, Kingston, PA

10: “Harp of Moshiach” by M. Muchnik – Shlomo Helinski, N. Miami Beach, FL

11: Michel Schwartz Lithograph (Am Yisroel Chai): Velvel Oster, Brooklyn, NY

12: iPad Air 2 –Yosef Yellin, Brooklyn, NY

13: Canon Digital Camera – Daniel Cowen, West Hartford, CT

14: Canon Camcorder – Asher Moshe Belles, Houston, TX

15: Sky Adroid Phone, Epix bluetooth – Dov Weinstein, Brooklyn, NY

16: Seiko Watch – Abi Friedman, Kingston, PA

A Freilichen Purim!

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