Sunnyvale Welcomes Torah from Anonymous Donor

Chabad of Sunnyvale, CA, directed by Rabbi Yisroel Hecht, welcomed a new Sefer Torah this past Sunday, the 3rd day of Adar.

The event began with the completion of the writing of the Sefer Torah, as community members – under the expert guidance of Crown Heights Soferim Rabbi Rachamim Ladaev and his son Rabbi Levi Ladaev – inscribed the final letters of the Torah.

After the completion of the writing of the Sefer Torah, the community joined in a festive procession, in which the Torah was led with singing and dancing under the canopy of a Chupah into Chabad of Sunnyvale’s Shul.

The Torah was formally installed into the Shul with the traditional dancing of hakafos in a spirited celebration, as the community danced as one with the newly completed Torah. The festivities concluded with a Seudas Mitzvah to mark the momentous occasion.

The Sefer Torah was donated by an Anonymous donor in honor of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes.

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