Photos: ULY Students Tour Hatzalah Ambulance

In honor of Chof Teves, the Yahrtzeit of the Rambam – who, in addition to being a leading Torah scholar, was a renowned physician – the younger grades of United Lubavitcher Yeshiva-Crown Street were given a tour of a Hatzalah ambulance by their principal, Rabbi Y. Y. Simpson, who also volunteers as an EMT for the organization.

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    • 3. to#1 wrote:

      Emergency medical technician “EMT” or ambulance technician are terms used to denote a health care provider of emergency medical services. EMTs are clinicians, trained to respond quickly to emergency situations regarding medical issues, traumatic injuries and accident scenes.

    • 4. correct wrote:

      EMT is not used to describe anyone who responds to an emergency it is used to describe a level of training. As a paramedic myself it is actuelly quite affensive to call a paramedic and EMT

  • 5. בעל גאוה wrote:

    זאלן זיי אויפוואקסן חסידים יראי שמים נישט דארפן אויסקראצן פון פאל אידישע בלוט.

    דרך אגב, אנטשולדיקט מיר ר’ #1, אבער אי עמ טי איז שם התואר פון א פאראמעדיק וואס איז שם העצם.

    ביידע זענען בגדר טעקנישיאןס, נאר בתוכן גופה איז כמה וכמה דרגות, אבער דער דיפארטמענט אוב העלט שרייבט דאס אהן
    אי עם טי – פי

  • 7. To Rabbi Simpson... wrote:

    If there was one class outside the Talmudic, English and recreation part of the day that is an amazing addition to their education, this is it ! Thank you!


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