Bnos Chomesh Students Say ‘Thank You, Mother’

On Motzei Shabbos, the students of Bnos Chomesh and their mothers braved the cold for an evening of appreciation at the school’s Third Annual Mother and Daughter Melave Malka.

The beautiful event was meticulously planned by the PTA Committee Avigail Gribov, Chana Pinson, Shaina Levin, Henny Preger and Idii Stern. With the creative talents of Bnos Chabad duo Leah Nash and Rochel Sputz, a spectacular evening got underway.

Upon arrival each mother and daughter had a chance to pose together at a photo booth, creating an instant memento of the evening. A delicious hot milchig buffet, courtesy of the many talented chefs in the BCA parent body, awaited the participants.

The program began with a Dvar Torah by senior Rivky Blizinsky, after which the mothers were treated to a warm and personal ‘thank you’ video prepared by their daughters.

Participants then competed in Bnos Chomesh’s very own game show, ‘Are You Faster Than a BCA Student?’ Mothers and daughters raced against each other and the clock to display their knowledge of both household activities and academics. Congratulations to the winners – Team Daughters! Obviously school is teaching you a thing or two; including where Hashem’s name is mentioned in the Megilla and the price for 3 heads of romaine lettuce.

A Viennese dessert table boasted fresh Belgian waffles with every imaginable topping. During dessert, Mrs. Henya Hotzlberg, ninth grade parent, shared a Melave Malka story about her grandfather, Rabbi Eidelman OBM and his Shlichus from the Frierdiker Rebbe. As the evening came to a close, one lucky mother and daughter won a pair of matching necklaces, generously sponsored by the Preger family.

The BCA Melave Malka was a real family event, in the spirit of Chassidim zaynin eyn mishpacha!

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