Jew Attacked Outside Berlin Chabad House

A 22-year-old Israeli man was the victim of the second anti-Semitic attack to occur outside a Chabad House this week, this time in Berlin. The Islamic attackers saw him leave the Chabad house and they then attacked him, reports Yeshiva World News.

The man was transported and treated at a local hospital.

The attack occurred early Sunday evening in Berlin’s Wilmersdorf neighborhood.

According to a witness, the man was attacked by four men, who cursed him in German with Arabic accents. He was punched and kicked. The victim said that if not for the intervention of a passerby, he fears the outcome would have been far more serious. He was treated for multiple finger fractures and soft tissue injuries.

Israel Consul General to Berlin Eyal Siso has urged the victim to file a formal complaint with police.

Ironically, the victim explained he was looking into relocating to Europe due to the high cost of living in Israel. He had ruled out moving to France due to the anti-Semitism in that country, and he was thinking about Berlin as an alternative.

Yesterday, reported that a 4-year-old boy was slapped on his head after leaving a Chabad house in Auckland, New Zealand.


  • 1. swm wrote:

    people should assist all Chabad houses to get a quality Security Guard. My sister said that they had a family project, which included skipping buying “extras”, such as nosh, and putting money in an envelop when it was saved, and they bought something for their relatives’ Chabad house which was needed. Whatever it is, there should be a vaad of supporters for each Chabad house which helps pay for a quality Security guard.

  • 2. Been there wrote:

    The attack didn´t happen around the Berlin Chabad house as you can read at the Yeshiva World News home page.
    AND the Chabad house in Berlin is guarded with police and watchmen and protected with roadblocks! I have been there.
    Moetze Shabbes Vajetse Shavua Tov!


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