Two Men Attempt to Run Over Dutch Chief Rabbi

The Chief Rabbi of the Netherlands, Chabad Shliach Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs, filed a complaint with local police after two men, whom he described as Middle Eastern, tried to run him over with their vehicle at a gas station.

From the JTA:

Jacobs, chief rabbi of the Interprovincial Rabbinate for The Netherlands, filed the complaint last week after two men on Nov. 5 drove a BMW car in his direction in a sudden manner that Jacobs said was meant to intimidate him.

“I was putting in fuel and noticed two men, who had a Middle Eastern appearance, watching me from their car nearby,” Jacobs told JTA. “When I walked past their car to pay, they started the car and lunged in my direction, laughing. It was clear that they had waited to do this with the intention of at least scaring me, if not worse.”

Jacobs dresses in haredi Orthodox garb, making him identifiable as Jewish.

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  • 1. Milhouse wrote:

    Why do you *always* get this wrong? Rabbi Jacobs is *not* chief rabbi of the Netherlands, and it’s just embarrassing when you claim he is. There is a chief rabbi for each of the major cities, and he is the chief rabbi for the rest of the country. Calling him chief rabbi of the whole country is like calling Sauly Spigler the shliach for Australia, just because RARA covers most of Australia’s territory!

    The JTA article you quote gets it right: he is chief rabbi of the Interprovincial Rabbinate for The Netherlands.

    • 2. what do you care wrote:

      you seem to take it very personal….since I always see you commenting on articles about him.

    • 3. Milhouse wrote:

      What makes you think I’m taking it personally? What is strange about correcting an error. I keep correcting it because keeps making it. The real question is why do they not learn and stop making this stupid mistake?

  • 8. Yitzchak Mordechai Shimon wrote:

    Originally I thought he was Satmar from Williamsburg & became Lubavitch.

  • 9. where from wrote:

    Does it really matter where the man is from these low lives tried 2 run him over R”L that is wat matters !!!

    • 10. Milhouse wrote:

      If someone wants to know some information, what difference does it make whether it “matters” to YOU? Who are you to decide what matters and what doesn’t?

      And is it OK to lie just because you think “it doesn’t matter”?

  • 11. Milhouse wrote:

    I’m sorry if I offended anyone. He is the only chief rabbi in the Netherlands


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