‘America’s Torah’ to Be Written for R’ Yosef Raksin

About three months ago, Rabbi Yosef Raksin of Crown Heights left his daughter’s home in North Miami Beach, FL, on his way to Shul Shabbos morning. He never arrived.

He was mercilessly gunned down by two unknown assailants, who have so far eluded identification and capture by local police.

During the Shiva, Reb Yosef’s son-in-law, Izzy Labkowsky, near whose home he was killed, began the writing of a Sefer Torah in his memory.

A few days later, Izzy was approached by Rabbi Marlow, the Rov of the Chabad community in NMB, who showed him a letter from a non-Jew living in Miami expressing his support for the endeavor. Attached to the letter was a check.

“At that point I realized that the whole community is inspired, and the whole community can be touched. What better way to unite the world than through the letters of the Torah,” Izzy tells CrownHeights.info.

So he decided to start a Torah that will travel from Key West, FL, to New York, to San Francisco, CA, and be completed at Washington. This special Torah will be called ‘America’s Torah.’

At events around the country, the organizers will educate people on the principles of the Torah, and show them the way a Torah is made. They will promote Sheva Mitzvos, have kids’ activities, and allow viewers to actually see the scribe writing the Torah.

The Torah, which was already started at the Shloshim, will be ready to begin its journey from Key West on December 1st.

The organizers are looking for 4 Bochurim to accompany the Sofer across the country and help make the project a success.

They are also inviting everyone to sponsor a letter in the Torah, either for themselves or for a loved one.

To take part, or to learn more, visit Americastorah.org.

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  • check spellibg

    On the flyer in address section it says raskin foundation

    Needs to be corrected to RAKSIN

  • Raksin

    There is a mistake on the flyer, bottom left corner, it is written Raskin Foundation and it should be Raksin

  • HT

    a new concept in Lubavitch? people of all religions will write a letter in the sefer torah? surely there’s a typo there. Surely this is no way to honor a chassidishe Yid like Reb Yosef, הי”ד!

  • Questionable

    Not quite sure what the halacha is on having goyim partake in ksivas sefer torah by buying letters etc.

    Nice idea, but remember this sefer is being written lezecher nishmas a lubavitcher chossid.

  • lifelight

    Shocking and UNACCEPTABLE that the police have not made ANY ARRESTS – proof of either gross incompetence or total disinterest! Since when does a religious Jew carry money (or anything) on Shabbos????? This sick excuse – total lie – made up by the police of EVERY attack on a Jew that ends in tragedy as “a robbery gone wrong” is totally unacceptable and needs to be refuted and stopped!

    This has happened regularly in Florida, Mexico and other Southern vacation destinations and has become the standard excuse for not finding and prosecuting perpetrators of heinous crimes against any and all Jews!

  • Izzy

    As per Rabbi Weberman: if the non Jew “sponsor” it’s no problem. “Buy” is a problem.
    As per an honor for R. Raksin:
    On motsae succos living torah, the Rebbe speaks about 7 mitsvos Ben noach and the Rebbe explain that they need to do it because the torah says so. Not because they understand. It was a long sicha
    So please tell me, a torah that will travel to every Chabad houses and other shuls, and educate what a Torah is, educate about the 7 mitsvos and push every human to do good actions because the Torah says so.
    Isn’t what the Rebbe wants??
    I’m looking for 4 bochurim to work on the project.
    Also I invite every one to sponsor a letter in that unique Torah.
    Thank you for your support.