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Welfare Minister Visits Chabad Humanitarian Program

Israel’s Minister of Welfare and Social Services, Meir Cohen, accompanied by Yair Revivo, the mayor of the city of Lod, visited the humanitarian organization Yad B’Yad, to learn about the plight of Israel’s impoverished.

The organization, headed by Rabbi Yaakov Gloiberman, a Chabad representative to Lod, is currently preparing a shipment of 25,000 blankets to needy Israeli families across the country. “There are many families cannot afford to turn on their heating during the chilly Israeli nights. The least we can do for them is to give them a warm blanket so they could have a good night sleep,” Gloiberman said.

Cohen, who requested to visit Yad B’Yad’s warehouse, noted the considerable quantities of humanitarian aide being delivered by the organization across Israel. “It is to Chabad’s credit that one of its rabbis in Lod not only cares about the needy in his city, but seeks out those in cities and towns who are in need,” the minister said.

Cohen was especially touched by the assistance provided to brides lacking the adequate resources to prepare for their weddings and set up a home.

Gloiberman appreciated the visit by the State’s minister of welfare. “It allowed us to bring him up close and personal with the situation of a large segment of Israel’s population.”

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