A Sign from Heaven at the Grand Canyon

For the seventh year in a row, a group of Shluchim and Mekurovim from Moscow accompanied the chief rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar, to New York to spend the Shabbos of Selichos in the Rebbe’s ‘Daled Amos.’

On Erev Shabbos, the group travelled to the Ohel, where Rabbi Lazar read a general ‘Pan’ on behalf of all of Russian Jewry and placed it in the Rebbe’s Tziyun, and on Motzei Shabbos, the group had the privilege of reciting Selichos in the Rebbe’s home on President St.

On Sunday the group traveled to Arizona to visit one of America’s most popular attractions – the Grand Canyon, where an amazing story of Hashgacha Protis transpired.

As they were overlooking the canyon and taking in the breathtaking view, one of the Shluchim accompanying the group took out his Shofar and blew it, as customary during the month of Elul.

When he finished, a woman walked up to the group and introduced herself as a Jew from Los Angeles. During her conversation with Rabbi Lazar, the woman mentioned that she was a member of a reform temple.

After Rabbi Lazar explained the importance of an authentic davening experience on the high holidays, the woman agreed to attend an orthodox synagogue instead on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, to much congratulation from the group.

But the story doesn’t end there.

“I have something to tell you,” she said to Rabbi Lazar with tears in her eyes. “For seven years I suffered from a terrible illness and spent most of my time in one hospital or another. I avoided going outside or meeting anyone as much as possible.”

“With a recent improvement in my condition, I decided to venture out and see the beauty of the world. When I arrived at the Grand Canyon, and saw the wonders of G-d creation, I asked him to send me a sign that things would continue to improve.”

“It was at that moment that I heard the sound of the Shofar. I knew it was a sign from G-d, telling me everything would be okay,” she said.

Photos by Binyomin Lifshitz

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  • 2. Tears in my eyes wrote:

    You have no idea how inspiring this post is!
    The huge mesirus nefesh these shluchim and gvirim have to leave their cities in the days leading up to ROSH hashono and see the great sites America has to offer, Like the Ohel, 770, grand canyon makes my eyes tear up!
    i wonder why our community didnt think of that?


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