Living with Moshiach Day by Day Published

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky introduces the new book, Moshiach Day by Day, at this years Kinus Hashluchim.

At last year’s Kinus Hashluchim, the International Moshiach Campaign of “Merkos 302” took up a new initiative— to provide a compelling thought on Moshiach for every day of the year. The fruit of their labor has just been published in a new book, Moshiach Day by Day.

According to Rabbi Chaim Hershkowitz, director of the International Moshiach Campaign, the project developed when the Vaad of the Kinus HaShluchim recognized there was a gap in how information was being presented. “There are numerous books that describe concepts or quote a sicha on an aspect of Moshiach. However, we could not find anything that would could “walk” the reader through every aspect and stage of Moshiach and Geula in an inspiring yet practical way.

The Moshiach Campaign turned to Rabbi Binyomin Walters, who immediately understood the challenge and the opportunity right from the start. “The Rebbe directed us to learn inyonei geulah and Moshiach in a manner that we could internalize and make part of us. That’s hard to achieve just by presenting a selection of thoughts, concepts and ideas. So we decided to cover one topic each month.”

Once the topics were chosen, Rabbi Walters spent hundreds of hours reviewing seforim of all the Rebbeim, organizing the material, and preparing for a general audience. He was supported by Rabbi Michoel Seligson and Rabbi Leibel Estrin. Each month for the past year, the Moshiach Campaign distributed the thoughts to Shluchim and community rabbis, and solicited comments. Then the members of the publication’s team refined and elaborated on the selections to come up with a one-volume book, Moshiach Day by Day.

Moshiach, Day by Day covers a wide range of topics and concepts, from the connection between Moshiach and personal liberty, to the link between Moshiach and the new moon. Every page features a clear, concise thought for that day that’s easy to share in shul or on the phone, Moshiach Day by Day is a spiritual battery-charger that will jump start the acts the Rebbe said would hasten the Geulah. The book is now available for purchase to the wider public in Crown Heights book stores as well through as

The International Moshiach Campaign is a Project of the Kinus Hashluchim and a Division of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch. The Moshiah Campaign would like to extend our gratitude to the Vaad of the Kinus HaShluchim, and specifically to its chairman, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky for his generous assistance and guidance in this project and to the Moshiach Campaign all year round.

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