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150 Chabad Educators Gather for Annual Conference

PISCATAWAY, NJ [CHI] — The annual Women’s Chinuch Kinus closed yesterday as conferees boarded busses, airport shuttles, and their cars to resume their regular summer schedules. From California and Washington in the west to Florida and the Carolinas in the south east to Minnesota and Toronto in the north they converged upon the Radisson hotel in Piscataway NJ for 48 hours of pure Chinuch. And they left tiered but smiling.

The dual themes at this year’s were “The Power of Words” and “Educational technology” and its educational imperative as tool to reach all students. The first overreaching topic was addressed by an eclectic group of outstanding educational professionals on issues such as: how to promote sensitive speech, teaching thoughtful speech and hoe to facilitate better communication. Teachers and principals also learned of the advantages and opportunities presented by “Smart Board technology” and other state of the art educational tools.

Many other issues were addressed, debated and discussed into the wee hour of the night. Monday night at 2:00 am there was a lively discussion still underway.

The annual conference, a project of the Merkos Chinuch Office and this year the early childhood section was cosponsored by the ECEC group of the Shluchim Office, as well as the new Machne Israel Development Fund, Early Childhood Initiative.

Preparations are underway for the men’s conference beginning 29 Menachem Av – August 9th, to register or to view the program Click Here.


  • 2. Hopeful Parent wrote:

    Was there any representatives from our local boy preschools?

  • 3. Channy wrote:

    Thank G-d for Nochum Kaplan!

    At least there is one dedicated soul in Lubavitch caring for the Chinuch of our children!!

    We need more like him!

  • 4. Thank You wrote:

    Agreed #2

    We must make OUR CHILDREN’S education our first priority. Parent’s need to get more involved in fundraising so we can keep our GREAT teachers. We need to provide coaches for out teachers so that they can become even better, and we must of course show our appreciation for our children’s teacher who work very hard.

    btw, smartboards? Not that they aren’t good but they are not the answer.

  • 5. Minnesota Cheder Mom wrote:

    Very, very, very happy to see two of my daughters’ morahs at the conference! Go Morahs Bendet and Rubinfeld!!! You made my day.

  • 6. Looking Out For Future Generations wrote:

    Nice to see that almost all the mechanchos, from wherever they come, who are teaching our children, are dressed tsniusdig. (May not be my taste… (too informal), but at least most of their necklines are appropriately covered.)

  • 7. Mom wrote:

    What was Connections Academy doing there? They run a virtual charter school in Pennsylvania and I was actually considering sending one of my daughters there for english subjects.

  • 8. CHINUCH from who wrote:

    Dept of Ed giving chinuch classes to women
    Next we will have lawyers giving classes in halacha
    Followed by farbrengens from college professors and phylosophers

  • 10. a mom wrote:

    nice to see you, mrs moskowitz,perlstein, and epstein. keep it up!

  • 12. its just wrong wrote:

    to number 2

    the teachers and princaples, living of meager salaries, dealing with real issues, are the ones who are dedicated –

    not some hot, important, useless, bigshot, who has done nothing foe anyone.

    please name me one, only one, student or teacher, who feels the “misrad hachinuch” gave him anything.

    its time we start giving credit where its due. salute every teacher on the street!

  • 13. Concerned Parent wrote:

    It is good to farbreng and discuss issues but lets not forget we teach by example. If the mother dresses tzniusdik the father has a Shiur every day goes to shull davens with a minyan no talking during davenning, davens with the small kinderlach and the homework is not neglected this is the ABC’s of a good chinuch. Remember don’t catch the kid when he is 12-16 and slaking off catch him when he is 6-15 and boost him and give him the help where he/she needs and develop the child into a stong confident mentch.

  • 14. los angeles alumni wrote:

    great to see you there mrs. lisker. california misses you tremendously. of course you are doing amazing work in new york. we would not expect anything less of you.

  • 15. to #8 wrote:

    He was elected by the Department of Education – that showed he knows about education


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