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Chabad House in Charlotte Vandalized

CHARLOTTE, NC [CHI] — Wednesday morning, the Shluchim to Charlotte, NC found their their Chabad House vandalized. Windows were shattered, objects were broken and tossed about. The Lubavitch Education Center of North Carolina, run by Rabbi Yossi and Mariashi Groner, had apparently been vandalized overnight. The situation doesn’t seem to be serious, however the incident was reported to the Police, who don’t suspect any anti-semitism, ‘just teenagers’.

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  • 1. CN wrote:

    A “toldah” of Kristallnacht, which happened 70 years ago this past November.

  • 2. security wrote:

    This is what I’ve been talking about- this is why I think security and cameras and no open door policy should be a part of any Chabad House. These times are very scary and there is no reason why shluchim should be sitting ducks.I understand peoples’ relatives were in Russia and hid and did all that.I get the concept. However, no one should be passive and just give in to evil thinking it’s the way it is- no.Stand up for your lives and protect Jews everywhere.We are dealing with a cancer- the muslim extremists all over the world.They are lethal and sadistic.Shluchim need security.isn’t Mumbai enough of a lesson?

  • 3. a fellow shliach wrote:

    come on people: this is 2009. what i mean is with ALL the modern day technology, just install one or two security cameras in and around your chabad houses!! Just because we are on shlichus, it doesnt mean that we should be the target of antisemitism, and let the crooks get away with it. come on shluchim!! install a camera or two!! hatzlacha rabbah with your chabad houses!! moshiach now!

  • 4. ??? wrote:

    this is the 3rd chabad house to be attacked in just over a month. lets think where have we gone wrong?

  • 5. this is weird wrote:

    4 some reason a lot of things like this happend really recently!!!

  • 6. chosid wrote:

    every chabad house needs cameras outside.

    Shluchim dont waste a moment . go get the cameras.

  • 7. mickey wrote:

    security – you are 100% right and that sentiment should be passed through to jews all over the world.we cannot afford to have a HITSS (head in the sand syndrome).As the muslims keep trying to convince us this is a zionist issue they continue to target jewish residential areas and institutions.Its abhorrent.

  • 8. get real wrote:

    The situation doesn’t seem to be serious, however the incident was reported to the Police, who don’t suspect any anti-semitism, ‘just teenagers’.
    who are we kidding…just teenagers….the perpetrators of the intifadas for the most part who vowed jihad and sadistic suicide bombers were/are just teenagers! is this a portend of things to come….? G-d Forbid
    get real-all chabad houses need vigilent security

  • 9. Christopher Logan wrote:

    It is time to end all Muslim immigration.

    For more on the issue.

    Google Islaminaction08

  • 11. Kal wrote:

    @ security

    I agree with you on everything except Mumbai. The socialist/leftists have had their heads in their asses since 1979 when Iranian MUSLIM terrorists took and held civilians hostage for 444 days at the US Embassy in Tehran. Had Jimmy “The Dhimmi” Carter not been such a soft skulled imbecile, he would have moved with FORCE to crush Tehran. Like Reagan did with Libya. That is the only language understood by those who would wage jihad.

  • 12. Yehudis wrote:

    I love Chabad! They are truly doing the work of Hashem. However they need to learn to fire a gun.

  • 13. not asleep wrote:

    As a North Carolina Christian and supporter of a strong and undivided Israel I am outraged. And I strongly feel that all Muslim immigration should be stopped cold. Islam is more political system than faith, and it cannot coexist with our ideals. Meanwhile, every Chabad House should have cameras. I would have a gun. You would have to be willfully blind to assume this damage is done by teenagers. Next time, someone could be hurt. The MSM did not mention that the Mumbai terrorists horribly tortured the Rabbi and his pregnant wife. And the attack on that little, out of the way Chabad House was a prime reason for the overall plan. Very bad things are coming to the US unless our communities stand against these problems from the outset.

  • 14. trock wrote:

    The Police didn’t suspect any anti-semitism, ‘just teenagers’.
    Yeah Riiiiggggghhhhttttt.

  • 15. ben Noach wrote:

    G-d bless Chabad. I agree with the others that say all Chabad houses need cameras outside them.

    Also, perhaps the shluchim should be armed.


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