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Camp Emunah “BJJ Teen Camp” Installs New Pool

In 1991, Camp Emunah introduced an innovative new style of camp to the camping world. It would come to be known as “ BJJ Teen Camp”. This teen program would be specifically focused on eighth and ninth graders. The intent was to provide them with an opportunity during their earliest teen years that could be matched by no other.

It combined the chance to develop their Ruchniyos and connect with one another as well as the Rebbe, with all of the timeless activities that one associates with summer camp. There were sports, games, crafts, and field trips, but perhaps most central to the quintessential summer camp experience and leisure swimming.

The “BJJ Teen Camp” would be hosted in Camp Emunah’s tiny tots grounds up the hill, the challenge we faced was that we did not have a swimming pool suitable for teens.

We were fortunate enough early in the planning stages of this program to receive a generous donation from Curtis Katz OBM to build a state-of-the-art pool facility, and since its dedication in 1991 it has become an important feature of our program, where girls can relax, swim and have fun in a Tzinus way.

However, over the last thirty years of joyous belly flops and cannonballs, it is in dire need of repair. In addition to the extensive reinforcements needed to the pool structure itself, it will require mechanical upgrading and replacement of the filter and heating systems, as well as the rehabilitation of the facilities surrounding the pool.

Fortunately, Adam and Jason Katz (son’s of Curtis) have generously stepped in to install our storied pool’s replacement.

Camp Emunah continues to lead the way in the camping experience which will in turn become the memories of a lifetime.

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