Parksville Celebrates Siyum HaRambam

In honor of the completion of the daily Rambam cycle, a program the Rebbe started which unites all Jews, Camp Gan Yisroel invited Camp Lman Achai for a day of unity and fun.

After a warm welcome, they kicked off the celebration with a grand Siyum Harambam, followed by a few words from campers from each camp. The campers from Lman Achai shared their experiences of growth in yidishkeit, and the impact the Rebbe and the Rebbes shluchim had on them. While, the campers from Gan Yisroel spoke about the life of growing up on shlichus.

The campers continued their day with a grand carnival, run by Camp Gan Yisroel’s 6th grade division. The campers enjoyed Ice cream, popcorn and lots of fun games.

The fun wasn’t over yet. Dialed action sports team, gave the campers a show of the lifetime. The bikers wowed the crowd with every jump, flip, and spin they did.

The day ended with a team jeopardy game, where representatives from each camp competed together on various topics of Torah knowledge.

The campers learned from each other, and grew from the time spent together, each moment celebrating the unity of Jews.

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