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‘Survive’ Composed in Memory of Loved Ones

Bochurim Mendy Goldman and Mendy Lebovic teamed up to compose and record a song, title ‘Survive,’ expressing the pain of not understanding G-d’s plan and their yearning for Moshiach, in memory of several family members and close friends who passed away at young ages.

“At the time we wrote the song it felt as if the world was falling apart, the news of loss in the Jewish community came far too often,” they told “It really made us feel as if the only way to get through it was to renew our faith in G-d and realize that he is in control and everything he does is for a reason, even if we don’t see it.”

“We really hope that we will dance and laugh with these wonderful people again when Moshiach comes,” they added.

Survive – Mendy Goldman ft. Mendy Lebovic (Official Audio)
A ker A Velt production

Composed By Mendy Lebovic and Mendy Goldman
produced by ker a Velt productions, Efrayim Ceiro, Zalmy Raksin, Aizik Chanin and Refoel Chanin
Sang by Mendy Lebovic and Mendy Goldman
Lyrics by Mendy Lebovic and Mendy Goldman
Design & Animation by: Tsuriel

Verse 1:
Sometimes I feel alone and scared the world around me seems to disappear
Sometimes I speak but no one hears when we don’t feel the love life seems so unfair
I need your love and I need your heart
I need your time and I need your advice
I need your answers and I need your leadership
I need you God without you I won’t survive

Verse 2:
Sometimes I wonder what all this pain is
for, crying so much I just can’t take it anymore
Sometimes I wish that i could just be your’s, no more problems no more feeling torn.

We’ve all got pain and struggles In this life, different wounds but the same knife. how do we live, how do we strive, how do we go on to survive. our hearts ace from this agony, faith dies by these tragedies, so return the loved ones to their families we need someone to beseech, in something to believe, a father to take us under his wing. the masquerade over, please show us your face, our hearts almost gone by all the scars engraved, so open your arms and let us embrace, Love is so hard when based off faith, every day looking down this long road of hope knowing god you won’t leave us alone anxiously waiting to see our lost brothers fathers sisters and sons so we can dance and laugh with them when the Messiah comes.


  • 2. Anonymous wrote:

    not my style. I don’t see why we need to copy the non Jewish rappers style. we have so much beautiful and meaningful tunes to choose from.

  • 5. Young Talent! wrote:

    Excellent message and lyrics!

    Keep up the great work, and keep using your talents for spreading hope and love.

    I think the slow part is the most beautiful and heartfelt part of the song, and would love to hear more of it.

    Chazak Chazak!

  • 6. Donald trump wrote:

    This is awsome amazing stuff that’s relevant and helps the troubld kids see the light at end of the tunnel and see that even for them theres hope


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