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Yeshivas Kayitz-Kingston Announces Head Staff

After a long and intensive search process, Yeshivas Kayitz-Kingston is proud to finally announce their head staff for the upcoming summer session.

For the 8th grade division, Mendel Wuensch of Crown Heights will be taking on the position of Head Counselor, while Ari Katzman, also of Crown Heights, will be serving as Learning Director. Mendel has spent the year learning smicha in Los Angeles, while Ari has been teaching in the mesivta of Coral Springs, FL. The mesivta division will be headed by the returning Rabbi Moshe Silman, longtime distinguished mechanech at Oholei Torah mesivta.

We spoke to the new head staff about their hopes and plans for the upcoming summer.

Mendel was very excited, and especially so about the group of counselors he’s putting together. “Baruch Hashem, we have an amazing staff this year”, he said. “Our priority when staffing up for this summer was and is to find bochurim who truly care about the physical and spiritual well being of the younger bochurim they are responsible for. I remember just how much of an impact the chassidishe, fun, positive yeshivas kayitz atmosphere had on me when I was there as younger bochur, and we hope to bring that same atmosphere and spirit into this summer”.”

Ari spoke about one clear goal he had for the learning program this summer: “Me and the rest of the learning staff have one clear focus in mind. We want every single bochur to have significantly advanced his skill and enthusiasm in at least one field of learning, be it in nigleh or chassidus, by the time the summer is over. We will do everything in our power to give the bochurim the tools they need to grow in whatever area appeals to them, while at the same time encouraging and helping  them to improve in personal discipline and responsibility when it comes to learning”.

Rabbi Yisroel Levertov, the director of Yeshivas Kayitz-Kingston, was very excited about working with Mendel and Ari in putting together a summer program that will change the lives of the bochurim who attend for the better, bgashmius u’bruchnius. “We are very lucky that we were able to convince Mendel and Ari to take on these responsibilities”, he said.” I honestly believe that these two are the best possible candidates for the job, and I expect that this summer will be the best in Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston history”.

Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston has opened registration for the 5776 – 2016 summer program, beginning Wednesday, Lamed Sivan – July 6th, and ending Tuesday, Yud Tes Av – August 23rd. Applications can be filled out and submitted at

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