Car Crashes Into FDNY Ambulance Near Kings County Hospital


An FDNY ambulance is now officially out of action Tuesday after a driver lost control following a collision and slammed into it on Winthrop Street, directly across from Kings County Hospital.

The crash took place Tuesday afternoon at the T-Intersection of Winthrop Street and Kingston Ave in Crown Heights, literally feet from the FDNY ambulance station and the entrance to the Emergency Room Ramp to Kings County Hospital.

Honestly, the crash could not have taken place in a better location, with the hospital, a Trauma Center that specializes in such injuries, just feet away.

The car that crashed appeared to be a white Nissan sedan which received significant damage. The ambulance, which appeared to have been parked at the time, appears to have minimal damage, likely thanks to the ambulances strong metal rear step.

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  • Anonymoose

    Hard to tell from the photo but looks like a Florida plate on that car, which suggests well, something or another…

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