Multi Car Crash Closes Intersection of Crown Street and Nostrand Ave In Crown Heights


A vehicle lost control Monday evening while driving through the intersection of Nostrand Ave and Crown Street. The resulting crash trapped two people inside one of the four vehicles involved.

According to reports from the scene, the crash involved at least one moving vehicle and multiple parked vehicles, ending with a white sedan on the sidewalk, a car pinned between the sedan and an SUV, and those cars having impacted the rear of a parked black van.

Two people was extricated from the wrecks by FDNY, with both EMS and NYPD also on scene. The two extricated people were transported to the hospital by EMS.

Unconfirmed reports indicted that the crash may have occurred due to a police chase.

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  • kop dr

    any good news to report ???????? always the same ……………. when will there be peace in this world ??????????????? its time for moshiach now

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