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4 Injured in Eastern Parkway Collision

Four people, including a 2-year-old boy, were light-to-moderately injured in an accident in the intersection of Eastern Parkway and Brooklyn Ave. this afternoon.

Witnesses at the scene said one vehicle – a Kia sedan occupied by two off-duty Port Authority officers – was traveling at a high speed westbound on Eastern Parkway, when it collided with a blue minivan being driven down Brooklyn Ave. by a Jewish man with his 2-year-old son in the rear seat. It is unclear who had right-of-way.

The vehicles careened onto the sidewalk due to the force of the collision.

All four were injured and transported by Hatzalah and EMS to local hospitals. They are listed in light-to-moderate condition. The child was properly restrained in a car-seat.

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  • 2. How scary! wrote:

    Bh the boy was in a car seat! Please please make sure your kinderlach are always properly buckled in a good car seat!

  • 3. BH wrote:

    How fortunate that no one was killed – and that no one, especially children on, was hit

  • 4. Names for tehillim please! wrote:

    Baruch Hashem the baby was in a car seat. Please share his, and his father’s, full names so we can daven for a refuah shalayma for them.
    The officers should know better than to speed in a busy 25 mph zone.


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