A car crash. illustration Photo.

Bochur Seriously Injured After Being Struck by a Bus

An Israeli Bochur was struck by a bus and seriously injured after attempting to cross Eastern Parkway early Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred at around 6:45am near the intersection of Eastern Parkway and Kingston Avenue. The victim, a 22-year-old Israeli national who graduated Kvutzeh last year, was attempting to cross the busy street when he was struck by a yellow mini school bus.

EMS and Hatzalah treated the victim, who sustained a head injury along with a serious leg injury, he was then rushed to Kings County Hospital where he was listed in serious condition. Doctors initially feared that the leg injury may require an amputation, but have since reversed and are treating it.

The NYPD Crash Investigation Squad was called in to investigate the incident since a serious injury was reported.

The public is asked to say Tehillim for Yosef Yitzchok ben Illana



  • mshp

    don’t they have mashpiim there? arent they careful to guide them in the basic health/safety care?
    why wait for this?????????????

  • Change the Traffic Signals

    They shouldn’t have a green light for traffic going Eastward when the left turn arrow is green. It’s a big “sakana” for the jay walkers who only look at the flow of traffic and don’t look at the walk/don’t walk signs.

  • a neighbor

    Maybe he was in the right, but when I am driving I see a lot of Bochurs and young girls not paying attention to the traffic they are to busy looking at there cell phones, I wish this young man a rufuah selemah,

  • Refuah shleima!

    Ohh m G’ !
    Poor bochur!
    Insted of you guys say tehilim for him you all blame him!! He is a Yid!! now it doesn’t matter if he was right or wrong! Poor parents too…
    May we hear good news from him and a refuah shleima!!