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96-Year-Old Man Struck by Truck and Car Dies

A 96-year-old man was critically injured after being struck by a tractor trailer, then by a car which dragged him some 50 feet on Albany Avenue. Both the car and truck then fled the scene, leaving the man barely clinging to life.

The incident occurred on Albany Avenue between Lincoln Place and Eastern Parkway at around 11:10am, when the 96-year-old man apparently went to move his car ahead of alternate side parking.

Eyewitnesses said that the man double parked his car across from his house on Albany and attempted to get out of his car when he was struck by the tractor trailer – which likely did not see him. A second car then struck the man, who was lying motionless on the street, and dragged him further down the block.

The driver of the car, who witnesses said was a Hispanic woman, then got out of her red Toyota sedan and took a look at the injured man, then got back in her car and fled the scene as well.

Witnesses called 911 and Hatzalah, who made an amazing Kiddush Hashem by being from the first to arrive on scene and treat the critically injured man.

He was rushed to Kings County Hospital with injuries to his head and legs, including lacerations and fractures.

A short while later the NYPD’s Accident Investigation Squad was called to reconstruct the accident scene.

The victim is listed in critical condition.

Update – 4:00pm: After frenzied attempts by surgeons to save his life, the man died from his injuries at Kings County Hospital. The victim was identified as 96-year-old Milwood Hughes.



  • 1. refuah sheleima wrote:

    We all need to be more careful, both pedestrians and drivers

  • 2. thats y wrote:

    I will never, ever live here when I am old. I see old people navigating corners, getting around traffic, moving their cars – this is not the place for old people

  • 3. SMH wrote:

    of course hatzalah will treat the person, but if the person is not a jew do not call hatzalah call 911

    hatzalah VOL are VOL they give up their jobs and personal time to help the community call the 911 for the same token and help the person in need

    • 4. Anonymous wrote:

      Hatzalah will help the person regardless of whether or not they are Jewish. You are really suggesting that people call 911 if a Hatzalah is closer and can get to the scene earlier? Minutes may mean the difference between life and death.

    • 5. Please don't ever join Hatzolah wrote:

      Hatzolah is an organization that promotes saving lives, not bigotry.

    • 8. Milhouse wrote:

      Of course if Hatzoloh is called for anyone they will come, but that is not what they’re there for. They give up their time and effort for the mitzvah, and it’s not a mitzvah to help everyone. Some people you help because you can’t not help them, but there’s no mitzvah and no zechus.

    • 9. Abba wrote:

      I’m sorry millhouse but I don’t agree.I believe there are there for everyone.

    • 10. Anonymous wrote:

      No zechus for saving a life? Are you kidding me? Is a Jewish life worth more than that of a non-Jew?

    • 12. Anonymous wrote:

      Well, Torah be damned, that’s a human life! It’s our human duty!

    • 13. Anonymous wrote:

      If it’s our human duty then why don’t you volunteer?
      Hatzalah is volunteer-based and practically can’t serve the entire world.

  • 14. sad wrote:

    Very sad, hope he makes its. Said to be a nice guy that has lived on the block for years

  • 15. EVE wrote:


  • 17. CHERRYBIM wrote:

    “I will never, ever live here when I am old”

    He made to 95 by living “here”.

  • 19. Who made this video? wrote:

    Doesn’t seem to be a surveillance camera automated video.

    How did they happen to film it and why didn’t someone react more quickly?

    Seems very strange…

    • 20. Tar Hill wrote:

      It was shot from the security camera of the car repair shop on the block. I recognize the owner’s voice on the video.

  • 21. @No. 3 wrote:

    You should be ashamed at yourself! Why should it matter what the victim’s ethnicity is? An emergency is an emergency. Hatzalah was close by, and heard the call…. they did the right thing.

    • 24. Milhouse wrote:

      Your link cites the Gemara, the Rambam, the Bach, etc. That is the Torah.

    • 25. Anonymous wrote:

      Talmudic commentary is not the Torah, no matter how highly you prize the words of the late sages. My request stands.

    • 26. to anoynomous wrote:

      firstly- the talmud is the torah shebaal peh. if you dont believe in that, i think you are an apikores. secondly,. even if a jewish life is worth more, it doesnt take away the fact that a non jewish life is worth something!

  • 27. to#10 wrote:

    Caring is relevent,.. ever thought of the lawsuits that a African American wouldn’t hesitate to bring against hatzolah ??? Stop being heroes on someone else cheshbon!!!!!!

  • 28. mendy w. wrote:

    This wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have a stupid system of alternate side parking.

  • 29. The second driver wrote:

    To be perfectly honest I can’t fully blame the second driver. There is absolutely no way she could have seen the man lying on the road. She probably thought that her car was dragging a cardboard box or something like that, and when she realized what she was dragging, she panicked and ran.

    Definitely the WRONG thing to do, but hard to judge when one is in a state of panic.

    The truck driver on the other hand should be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

    • 30. @#20 wrote:

      If anyone gets charged with vehicular manslaughter, it is going to be the second driver. She got out of her car, did not call 911, and fled the scene.

  • 31. horrible wrote:

    Apart from the horrific tragedy of the whole accident, 96 year olds should not be driving. It is possible the victim didn’t look to see if there was any traffic coming. Yes, young people don’t look either. But 96 behind the wheel???

    Surely the cops can find that woman? The truck just sailed on, probably didn’t even realize. But that woman?? Unbelievable. I hope she gets jail time, she basically left him to die. His family must be devastated.

  • 32. Ethnicity wrote:

    When the Torah places our priority for our brothers, is this comparable to the way of the world? Human nature, ordinarily, is to care and give priority to close family members over, let’s say, good friends. Does the same apply here, because Jews are like on big family, or because the Goyim are bad people who deserve to, you know…?

  • 33. SHAME on #3 and Milhouse wrote:

    Think before you speak. What fool writes what you did?? You sound as bad as the NAZIS, yemach shemom. Why are you different?
    Did you stop to think a moment whether you may one day be in a situation where a Non Jew may have to save your life?? Remind them what a bigot you are before they try to help you.

  • 34. shimon wrote:

    great commentary on the video. these guys should apply for jobs as sports announcers

  • 35. eric brooks wrote:

    the woman should be locked up for leaving the scene of an accident and not calling 911

  • 36. em2 wrote:

    mi mispar shemona ad echod esray, ze mashahu sh’ anashim sh lo mi shelanu lo tzrichim lirot. tikach zeh sh lo yiroo. takshiv lifney machnisim ma sh b’moach shelachem. ve tedaber im rav im rotzim ledat inyon k’zeh.
    meod atzuv


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