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Collision Causes Car to Careen onto Sidewalk

Two vehicles collided today in the intersection of Kingston Ave. and Lincoln Place, in front of the Basil restaurant. The force of the collision caused one vehicle to careen onto the sidewalk and demolish an emergency call box. Thankfully, no pedestrians were injured.

The incident occurred at around 1:00pm. A Gray Toyota was traveling eastbound on Lincoln Pl. when it was t-boned by a silver Dodge traveling up Kingston Ave. as it crossed the intersection.

Bystanders called Hatzalah, who arrived immediately and treated both drivers – despite the fact that neither was Jewish. EMS paramedics later took over from the volunteers.

Both drivers refused to be transported to the hospital for further treatment.

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  • 1. I feel bad wrote:

    I feel bad for all those shidduch dates that got ruined by this near fatal accident! Can you imagine what the rebbe would have thought if he saw all these bochrim leaving their dates at basil to help? What kind of example are these drivers showing to our children?

  • 4. Whaaaat!!! wrote:

    I was there. I was the pedestrian that was almost hit. I was thrilled by the show of achdus. For once no one cared about the color of anyone’s skin!!! Landsakes!!!!!! Everyone just wanted the drivers to be ok and one extremely sweet woman even inquired about my welfare. I would have stayed but I saw that enough people had also seen the accident and the drivers looked ok. Baruch H-Shem!!!!!!

  • 5. call 911 wrote:

    So why wasn’t 911 called because people feel there needs to be a kiddush hashem so hatzola is called
    Maybe hatzola has family and work to do remember they are volunteers to our community. If you think a kiddush hashem is needed so maybe a bystander will dial very very fast 911 and announce loud and clear I CALLED 911 THEY ARE COMING

  • 7. Anonymous wrote:

    That corner needs a red light, it is very danderous, specially when car is parked by the restaurant.


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