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Lubavitcher Struck by Car on Shabbos Afternoon

A Lubavitcher man was injured after being struck by a car on Shabbos afternoon. The crash occurred in a busy Kingston Avenue intersection.

The crash occurred at around 6:00pm in front of the eyes of many horrified witnesses. The victim, an Israeli man in his 60’s, was crossing President Street and Kingston Avenue when he was struck by a car and knocked unconscious.

Hatzalah was called and when they arrived on scene the man came to and received medical treatment. He was then transported to Kings County Hospital where he is still being held for treatment. According to some witnesses the man appeared to be intoxicated.

The victim suffered from injuries to his arms, back and legs and thankfully none of them are considered life threatening.


  • 2. Drinking wrote:

    So you drink and get drunk and are not responsible for you actions is this not a wake up call there are many families who do not have s Shabbos meal as the father is out drinking ….don’t feel sorry for someone who is careless

  • 3. A yid wrote:

    Refua shelaima ,
    To number 2 .one of the sigh s of a new is someone who has rachmanus . We alwYs feel sorry if another hid is hurt !!!!
    Your comment doesn’t reflect the rachmanus of a yid.
    It would do you well to study pirkei avos especially at this time of year “never judge your friend (another yid)
    Until your in their place .looking forward to only seeing pleasant caring comments in the future

  • 5. TO NUMBER 2 wrote:

    How appropriate that your comment is number two…..
    Aside from having no Rachmonus in your heart you condemned the man without knowing if this is really a fact. One of the Rebbe’s top top secretaries had a serious limp that could have made him look as though he had been drinking in the way he walked. How do you know how reliable these so called witnesses are? that you are ready to condemn a person on their say so. Most likely these so called witnesses were not yidden, as I can’t imagine a yid saying that in such a situation. If chas vesholom you ever have a leg problem that causes you to walk a bit lopsided make sure to wear a sign saying you’re not intoxicated. you wouldn’t want someone like you to accuse you of being drunk when in fact your in pain!


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